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7 Dog Breeds that look like French Bulldogs

“Is that a Frenchie?”


But it looks like one!

Okay, you’re not fooling anybody, Frenchie!

Frenchies are everywhere (and so are their doppelgangers)

With Frenchies being the most popular bully breed (and ranked #2 overall), you’re sure to spot one at your local dog park.

But there’s also a handful of other breeds that are often mistaken for Frenchies.

Frenchies are often mistaken for these breeds

I don’t think a single day goes by where these breeds are mistaken for a Frenchie (or vice-versa)…

What these breeds have in common

Flat faces.

All these breeds — including Frenchies — are what are known as brachycephalic breeds (or flat-faced in simpler terms).

There are a few other similarities though…

  • Flat faces
  • Short coats
  • Short & stubby tails
  • Small/medium-sized

1. Boston Terrier

About the Boston Terrier

Known as the “American Gentleman,” the Boston Terrier is a friendly, intelligent breed that originates in the United States.

Recognized as a non-sporting breed by the AKC, Boston Terriers are small, standing between 15 and 17 inches tall. 

What Boston Terriers look like

They have short tails, short coats, pointy ears, and typically come in some combination of black, brindle, seal, and white markings.

A Boston Terrier on the beach

Boston Terriers are easily recognized by their distinctive square heads and short muzzles.

Why Boston Terriers are confused with Frenchies

Out of all the breeds that look similar to Frenchies, I think Boston Terriers are one of the most similar.

It’s not just Boston Terriers! There’s dozens of hybrid Boston Terriers that also look like Frenchies!

They have the same squishy face that we all love and if you aren’t aware of their subtle differences, you might mistake a Boston for a Frenchie too! 

Boston Terriers & Frenchies both have…
How to spot a Boston Terrier
  • They have longer legs than Frenchies
  • Their faces are typically not as flat as Frenchies
  • Slightly longer tails

2. Pug

About the Pug

Pugs are thought to have originated in China around 400 BC.

They were most likely bred as a lapdog for wealthy members of ancient Chinese society and have remained popular in both Asia as well as the Western world.

What Pugs Look Like

Pugs are slightly smaller than Frenchies and have deep wrinkles on their faces and bodies.

They have huge dark eyes and floppy ears with the front edge closest to the head.

Pugs have small, plump bodies with a curly tail and short squat legs.

Why Pugs are confused with Frenchies

I doubt a day goes by where a Frenchie isn’t mistaken for a Pug (or vice-versa)…

They both have those squishy little faces, short legs, and make a whole bunch of snorty sounds.

Pugs & Frenchies both have…
  • Squishy faces
  • Short legs
  • Short coats
How to spot a Pug
  • Their ears are more “floppy” compared to Frenchies that have pointy ears that stand up
  • Have longer tails than Frenchies

3. English Bulldog

About the English Bulldog

English Bulldogs were first bred in – you guessed it – England!

Their history dates back to the 5th century and a now-extinct breed known as the Alaunt.

English Bulldogs were initially bred to help butchers control their livestock (horses, cattle, boars, etc.) & to be in bull-baiting.

What English Bulldogs Look Like

Why they’re confused with Frenchies

English Bulldogs & Frenchies both have…
How to spot an English Bulldog
  • They’re a bit bigger than Frenchies
  • Their ears are floppy & not pointy like French Bulldog ears

4. Australian Bulldog

About the Australian Bulldog

The Australian Bulldog is a great family dog that came about as a result of two breeding programs – Pip Nobes and N&T Green.

These programs began separately. But they later merged to breed a more functional bulldog adapted to the Australian environment.

What Australian Bulldogs Look Like

3 American Bulldogs laying down in the grass together

How to spot an Australian Bulldog

While I don’t think Australian Bulldogs look too much like Frenchies, they still resemble Frenchies from some angles (especially when they’re puppies!)

Here’s how you can tell them apart…

  • They’re much bigger than Frenchies
  • Their faces aren’t as flat
  • Their ears aren’t pointy like Frenchies

5. Victorian Bulldog

About the Victorian Bulldog

The Victorian Bulldog is a unique bulldog— it’s actually a mix of four breeds: the English Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

What Victorian Bulldogs Look Like

The Victorian Bulldog has a large head, short face, and broad muzzle, which does not interfere with breathing as much as Frenchies and their flat faces

The hindquarters are high but not heavy as the foreparts, while the cheeks are round and extend sideways. Its ears are button or rose-shaped, while the neck is thick, strong, and arched.

Victorian Bulldog Overview

Why they’re confused with Frenchies

I don’t think as many people will confuse a Victorian Bulldog with a Frenchie as much as they would with a Boston Terrier or Pug…

With that being said, Victorian Bulldogs have a few similarities with Frenchies such as…

  • They have a similar stance
  • Short & stubby tails
How to Spot a Victorian Bulldog
  • They are much bigger than Frenchies
  • Their faces aren’t as flat as most Frenchies’

6. Brussels Griffon

About the Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is a seriously cute pup with an inquisitive, intelligent and sensitive nature.

The breed is named after Brussels, in Belgium, where they were first bred. 

They are small dogs that weigh up to around 11-13lbs (5-6kg) and make ideal companion dogs for elderly owners as well as gentle family pets.

What Brussels Griffons Look Like

a Brussels Griffon

Why they’re confused with Frenchies

  • They both have short/flat snouts
  • Both are small
How to spot a Brussels Griffon
  • Their ears are floppy unlike their Frenchies’ pointy ears (Brussels’ ears are more similar to Pugs’ ears)
  • They’re a bit smaller than Frenchies

7. Toy Bulldog

About the Toy Bulldog

The Toy Bulldog, also known as an English Toy Bulldog, is an extinct dog breed that was popular in England and France during the 18th and 19th Centuries.

In modern times, the term ‘Toy Bulldog’ is often wrongly used to refer to Bulldog and Pug cross breeds; and although they are fairly similar in appearance they are not strictly speaking the same breed.

This means that the original Toy Bulldog may be lost forever to the pages of history!

What Toy Bulldogs Look Like

‘Little Knot’ (1903) toy bulldog

8. Any French Bulldog, Pug or Boston Terrier Mix

There’s a nearly endless list of hybrid breeds of the Frenchie, Pug, and Boston Terrier that will probably get mistaken for a Frenchie as well!

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