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Everything About Getting a French Bulldog Puppy

If you’re thinking about getting a Frenchie or just brought home your puppy, be sure to check out these articles— they cover everything you need to know & have to make it a smooth experience.

We’re going to assume that you’ve already decided that a French Bulldog is right for you… if not, check out our French Bulldog Pros & Cons — it’ll help you make that decision.

French Bulldog Puppy Checklist

A French Bulldog next to a bowl of crackers and cup of coffee

Here’s everything you’ll need to get before getting your Frenchie. Includes all the essentials like food, treats, leash, collar, beds, cages, etc., etc… You won’t want to forget any of these!

Puppy Proofing Your Home

French Bulldog wearing devil horns

Puppy-proofing is the process in which you remove all hazards on the floor or in reach that could potentially harm your pup. It’s super important to do for not only puppies but just our dogs in general.

They’ll probably be staying in their designated area while they’re puppies, but you’ll need to puppy proof your home before letting them run around freely.

Your French Bulldog’s First Day Home

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing home your new Frenchie puppy! In this article, we cover tips & tricks to make their first day at home as smooth & stress-free as possible.