25 Boston Terrier Mixes

A Boston Terrier on the beach

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Why get a Mixed Boston Terrier

Many dog lovers have preferred mixed dog breeds for many reasons.

When you get a mixed breed, the desirable characteristics each of its breeds are passed to the new mixed breed.

Some dogs — like the Frenchie — suffer from certain health issues due to their genetics.

These bad genes can be slowly removed from the gene pool through careful breeding.

That’s right… mixing two dog breeds known to be healthy can lead to even healthier mixed breeds!

A healthy dog means less visits to the vet… which means more money to spend on toys & treats!

3 Benefits of Mixed Breeds

  1. Healthy: less chance of being affected by recessive conditions (though they may still carry the gene); less chance of developing genetic health issues such as hip dysplasia, some cancers, and a whole bunch of other conditions
  2. Longer lives: this is due to genetic diversity
  3. The best of both (or more) breeds: mixed breeds are generally “more temperamentally sound” compared to purebred dogs

1. Healthy

When you mix Boston terrier with other breeds, you tend to have a healthy dog because the strong genetic makeup from the different dog breeds will lead to healthy dogs.

You would not like to have a dog that will make you keep returning to the veterinary more often.

Going for a mixed breed is a great step towards enjoying good-looking and dogs that are easy to keep.

Get a mixed dog breed with good characteristics and it will resist most of the diseases.

You will be happy when your dog has good health.

2. Longevity

A mixed dog breed will live longer than a pure breed.

This is possible because they will tend to have mixed gene makeup after you mix the dogs.

Healthy dogs will tend to avoid common health complications and live longer.

You can be assured of long-living dogs after you decide to go for the mixed breeds.

Before going for a given mixed breed, it is essential to check out the different characteristics of the pure breeds before mixing them with the Boston terrier.

Most Boston terrier mixed breeds are healthy and will live longer.

3. The Best of Each Breed

Boston terriers are intelligent, lively, and friendly dogs.

You might wonder, is it possible to mix these great traits with another breed’s traits?

Yes, that’s the exact point of mixed breeds.

You can look for a strong dog breed such as the German shepherd and breed it with the Boston terrier.

You will get a dog that has all the desirable characteristics you need.

There are different types of pure dog breeds mixed with the Boston terriers, and they have produced different mixed dog breeds.

Boston Terrier Mix Price Chart

Purebred Boston Terrier$1,200-$1,700
French Bulldog Mix – Frenchton$500-$3,500
English Bulldog Mix – English Boston Bulldog$1,500-$4,000
Australian Shepherd Mix – Bossie$800-$1,500
Beagle Mix – Boglen Terrier$600-$1,000
Bichon Frise Mix – Bostchon$1,000.00
Boxer Mix – Miniature Boxer$450-$2,000
Brussels Griffon Mix – Brusston$700-$1,000
Cairn Terrier Mix – Cairoston$1,500.00
Chihuahua Mix – Bo-Chi$500-$1,000
Corgi Mix – Corrier$500-$1,000
German Shepherd Mix – German Terrier$1,000-$3,000
Jack Russell Mix – Bo-Jack Terrier$400-$700
Labrador Retriever Mix – Boston Lab$900.00
Patterdale Terrier Mix – Patton Terrier$1,000.00
Pekingese Mix – Bostinese$750.00
Pitbull Mix – Boston Pit$750-$900
Pomeranian – Pomston$500-$1,200
Poodle Mix – Bossi-Poo$450-$600
Pug Mix – Bugg$575-$1,600
Rat Terrier Mix – Brat$300-$750
Scottish Terrier Mix – Scobo Terrier$500.00
Shiba Inu Mix – Shibo$1,000.00
Shih-Tzu – Bo-Shih$300-$550
West Highland White Terrier Mix – Bostie$800.00
Yorkie Mix – Boston Yorkie$900-$2,000

25 Boston Terrier Mixed Breeds

Before looking at the Boston Terrier mixes, let’s not forget that the Boston Terrier itself is a mixed breeda mix of an English White Terrier and English Bulldog

There is an endless combination of breeds that can be mixed together– these are the most popular Boston Terrier mixes today.

  1. Boston Terrier & French Bulldog Mix – Frenchton
  2. Boston Terrier & English Bulldog Mix – English Boston Bulldog
  3. Boston Terrier & Australian Shepherd Mix – Bossie
  4. Boston Terrier & Beagle Mix – Boglen Terrier
  5. Boston Terrier & Bichon Frise Mix – Bostchon
  6. Boston Terrier & Boxer Mix – Miniature Boxer
  7. Boston Terrier & Brussels Griffon Mix – Brusston
  8. Boston Terrier & Cairn Terrier Mix – Cairoston
  9. Boston Terrier & Chihuahua Mix – Bo-Chi
  10. Boston Terrier & Corgi Mix – Corrier
  11. Boston Terrier & German Shepherd Mix – German Terrier
  12. Boston Terrier & Jack Russell Mix – Bo-Jack Terrier
  13. Boston Terrier & Labrador Retriever Mix – Boston Lab
  14. Boston Terrier & Patterdale Terrier Mix – Patton Terrier
  15. Boston Terrier & Pekingese Mix – Bostinese
  16. Boston Terrier & Pitbull Mix – Boston Pit
  17. Boston Terrier & Pomeranian – Pomston
  18. Boston Terrier & Poodle Mix – Bossi-Poo
  19. Boston Terrier & Pug Mix – Bugg
  20. Boston Terrier & Rat Terrier Mix – Brat
  21. Boston Terrier & Scottish Terrier Mix – Scobo Terrier
  22. Boston Terrier & Shiba Inu Mix – Shibo
  23. Boston Terrier & Shih-Tzu – Bo-Shih
  24. Boston Terrier & West Highland White Terrier Mix – Bostie
  25. Boston Terrier & Yorkie Mix – Boston Yorkie

How are dog breeds mixed?

The mixed dog breeds are created by breeding two purebred dogs together– the result is what some call a “designer dog”.

For example, you can get a pure bred German Shephard and breed it with a Boston Terrier to produce a breed known as the German Terrier

The mixing of breeds can lead to dogs with good traits, or in some cases; the dogs can inherit bad traits from their pure breeds.

Start by studying the common traits available in the pure breeds before setting out to get any pure breed. For example, if you want an athletic dog, look for a Boston Terrier Mix that was mixed with another athletic dog.

In most cases, the breeders will interbreed different breeds then settle on breeds with good characteristics.

The mixed breeds are known to be healthy and can live longer– unlike Frenchies who have a long list of health issues.