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Boston Terrier Colors

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So many colors & patterns

Boston Terriers – like other dogs – come in many different colors & markings…

  • Only 5 Boston Terrier colors are recognized by the AKC— that’s it!
  • Some colors are associated with health issues
  • Some colors are rarer & more expensive than others.

What Colors do Boston Terriers Come in

AKC Boston Terrier Colors: Black & White; Black Brindle & White; Brindle & White; Seal & White; Seal Brindle & White

Other Boston Terrier Colors: Fawn & White; Lilac; Blue; Red; Red & White; Fawn; Merle; Chocolate (Brown); White (Platinum); Cream; Lavender;

Boston Terrier Color Chart

AKC RecognizedOther Colors
Black & WhiteBlue
Black Brindle & WhitePlatinum (All White)
Brindle & WhiteLilac
Seal & WhiteFawn
Seal Brindle & WhiteChocolate (Brown)
 Fawn & White
 Red & White

The 5 AKC Boston Terrier Colors Explained

If you are looking for a Purebred Boston Terrier, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s one of
the following 5 colors– anything else is not purebred!

  1. Black & White
  2. Black Brindle & White
  3. Brindle & White
  4. Seal & White
  5. Seal Brindle & White

Seal & White

The seal and white coat is usually referred to as brown and white.

You should also know that seal is often a color that is hard to pinpoint, particularly for the novice who may not know anything about this breed.

This is also because this one color looks exactly like black until the light shines on it.

When the light shines on this Boston Terrier, it draws out the undertones of red.

Black & White

This is pretty self-explanatory…

Anyways, a picture can say more than I can

A Black & White Boston Terrier
A Black & White Boston Terrier

This is a pretty iconic Boston Terrier color in my opinion… it’s what immediately comes to mind when I think of
a Boston Terrier.

Black Brindle & White

Brindle is a coat made up of black, brown, tan, and/or gold stripes— it’s often compared to a tiger’s stripes.

This color looks so similar to a Black & White Boston Terrier— but if you look closely, you can see the subtle differences between the two colors.

In a Brindle coat, there are lighter & darker areas throughout the coat.

Brindle & White

Pretty similar to Black Brindle & White– just more Brindle.

Seal Brindle & White

This is the most unique AKC Boston Terrier color in my opinion– I don’t see many other dogs that have a coat like that!

Rare Boston Terrier Colors

The rare & expensive Boston Terrier colors are usually the ones that are also not recognized by the AKC.

These colors are very unique & not something you see every day! I have a Blue Fawn Frenchie & she’s always getting compliments & attention from strangers.

Colors Considered Rare

  • Blue
  • Merle
  • Lilac
  • Lavender
  • Platinum

All Other Boston Terrier Colors

It’s important to note that these colors are not officially recognized by the AKC as a Purebred Boston Terrier.

This means that you would be unable to compete in any shows with your Boston Terrier– this isn’t important to most dog owners though.

It’s likely that other breeds were mixed into the bloodline at some point to create these colors.

  1. Fawn & White
  2. Lilac
  3. Blue
  4. Red
  5. Red & White
  6. Fawn
  7. Merle
  8. Chocolate (Brown)
  9. White (Platinum)
  10. Cream
  11. Lavender


Lilac fur comes from a mixture of brown and black coats.

And, with these colors, you will most likely see an appearance that looks like the following:

  • This breed of dog may have Lilac tones in their nose.
  • Eye colors may change as these puppies age from light yellow to amber.


The Blue that you see on this breed comes from a watered down of a standard black fur.

It is a mutation of a gene that results in lighter tones in a bluish hue.

Blue coats usually have White streaks.

Puppies and adult colors can vary, from a medium Blue to a dark steel when they become adults

Eye colors for this breed can also vary from gray or light Blue to hazel-brown as they begin to age into adulthood.


As mentioned before, the Seal and White coat is usually referred to as brown and White.

And, these hues of colors can change according to the way the light hits their coat.

Red and White

Some breeds of Boston terriers have a Red coat with a mixture of White stripping.

And, these shades of Red can vary significantly from a deep Red to light copper.

This type of Boston Terrier is also much more likely to have amber eyes and a Red-colored nose

A red & white boston terrier outside on the grass


Even though some colors are rare, they can be found within the breeds of Boston Terriers.

For instance, some breeds have light fawn coats that give the appearance of champagne.

On the other hand, there are others that have a darker fawn appearance or light red.

And, here are a few other things that some people may or may not notice.

On their muzzle, they may have white and a blaze between their chest and their eyes.

Intermingled black hairs on their fawn fur is also a unique characteristic.

Health Problems associated with some Colors

Platinum (All White)

The All-White Boston Terrier is more prone to skin irritation and allergies.

They are also known for Albinism because they do not have any pigmentation on their skin.

This breed will need to be raised with extra care, especially since they cannot go out into the sun without sunscreen.


Instead, these are breeds that have been crossbred in a manner that can be very controversial.

As a result, this breed may have a wide range of health issues, including abnormal eye conditions and deafness.

List of Coat Patterns

  • Black
  • Seal
  • Brindle (stripes)
  • Each of these breeds should also have a white (traditional white color) band around their muzzle, white fore chest, and a white blaze between their eyes.

What are “uncommon/exotic” colors for Boston Terriers

The exotic colors are not common, and they do not meet the standards of the American Kennel Club.

In fact, these breeds are considered to be very rare. Here is a list of the most exotic.

  • Liver
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Red

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Boston Terrier Colors

Reminder: none of these Blue colors are officially recognized by the AKC

  • Blue
  • Blue Fawn
  • Blue Merle
  • Blue Pied
  • Blue Sable
  • Blue & Tan

What disqualifies a Boston Terrier from AKC Recognition?

What Boston Terrier Colors have more health problems?

Merle: Blindness; Platinum: Deafness; Blue & Lilac: Color Dilution Alopecia

What Boston Terrier Colors are Recognized by the AKC?

Black & White; Black Brindle & White; Brindle & White; Seal & White; and Seal Brindle & White

Gerald A Smith

Tuesday 10th of January 2023

I recently lost a Boston Terrier (Cheetah),who was a stray we rescued 12 1/2 years ago. She was dirty, greasy and within a couple weeks we discovered she was pregnant. She would give birth to 5 mixed breed (possibly Pit Bull or Boxer) that we found nice homes for. She might've been as old as 3 but not sure. I recently had to put her down and was completely devastated. My kids also said you would've thought I lost a child. After weeks of the family seeing me grieving, they surprised me with an AKC Boston Puppy "Buddy" He's not a replacement (as Cheetah was one of a kind),but has brought a new sense of joy and excitement. I look forward to years of joy and adventure with "Buddy" but will never forget Cheetah


Thursday 17th of November 2022

I purchased my first male perfect black and white tuxedo marked pedigree Boston Terrier in 1979 from a home lady had the female her friend had the male, great Boston :Buster Magoo" he passed at 14 yrs no health issues. Purchased another male black brindle and white no serious health issues another great Boston Captain Sailor Boy Magoo, got cataracts at age 12 passed at 15 yrs still able to see center. It was hard to move on from the passing of my boys wasn't planning on another Boston then a year later I saw a little red and white girl Sophie needed rescued. I knew she was a registered Boston but I fell in love and missing not having a Boston around. I saved her she was probably the smartest, humanly Boston I had ever met. I was her life partner I knew it immediately. She was amazing! At 9 years she was diagnosed with Cushings, it broke my heart everyday to see Sophie running to play either everyone but getting exhausted she had to lay down often. Starving because of the Cushings putting weight on her you had to watch her diet no extra stuff but Cushings side effect is she was always Starving even though she wasn't. At 11 she had her first skin cancer under her under arm pretty aggressive. Jan Next year age 12 more cancer surgery same area. Age 12 same year 6 months later more cancer spreading into chest area now. Had surgery cut down whole length chest to belly button. She actually survived and was doing well. On her 13th birthday I took her to the vet her entire chest turned pinkish red. There was nothing more I could do to save my baby girl. I took her home with me to go over the rainbow bridge. After 3 days I caught her just looking at me while she was laying by me in bed. She was so weak but she would stand up when she had to go out so she never went to the bathroom in the house over these 3 days. I brought her food dish to the bed for her to eat. But on the 3rd day she just looked at the dish and put her paw on my hand and gave me this look.. I knew she was ready and telling me I could let her go. So I did the next morning as the vet was sedating her ...I told her how much I loved our rides, how special she was to me and everyone who had met her. Told her I loved her with all my heart and there would never be another like her as she feel asleep in my arms on Jan 10th 6 days after her 13th birthday I had to put her to sleep. I cried for days and weeks then months. It broke my heart she was like one of my children. I missed her so much I couldn't stand not having that friend going places, sleeping together. Sharing everything! So 2 months later on FB I see a registered brindle and white Boston I purchased and picked up. I named her Elizabeth(Lizzie) after her late sister Sophie Elizabeth. I wasn't looking for Sophie's replacement because there could never be one. However I did find another friend whom after almost 2 years is z sweetie and has that smart loving Boston nature. So I am telling this story because Sophie was a muted colored Boston, not AKC. It did not make me love her less I actually loved her more. The problem is did she get this skin cancer bc of her muted color? Just because someone decided down the line to change the Boston Terrier look? All breeds already have certain health issues, If we know the gene changing is going to affect the Bostons health. Then I would have to think the people breeding them are not true Boston lovers. No Boston lover would ever want to go through what I did and probably many others nit even realizing why it happened unless they had previously owned AKC acceptable Bostons. When I rescued Sophie which even after the heartbreak for us both I would never regret rescuing and the saving her life many times after. But why do people want to do that....on purpose. We have to stop purchasing non AKC registered animals just because they are beautiful we want healthy and longevity life. I have cried the entire time, sharing Sophie's story with you. It's sad what is happening to all these Bostons and all breeds just because they want something out of the ordinary to cause so much pain and sadness. Ty Cynthia L & Lizzie RIP sophie