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Pros and Cons of Owning a French Bulldog

So you want a Frenchie?

Are you trying to decide whether or not a French Bulldog is the right breed for you?

Maybe you’re wondering…

“Should I get a French Bulldog?”


“Are French Bulldogs good pets?”

Then you’ve come to the right place!

While I absolutely adore Frenchies more than anybody, they certainly aren’t perfect.

I personally think the pros outweigh the cons, but I’m going to leave that up to you to decide!

Just remember that no breed is perfect and there are downsides to every breed, it’s just a matter of finding what’s right for you.

Here’s what to know before getting a French Bulldog.

Table of Contents

11 Pros of Owning a Frenchie

I could go on all day about why Frenchies are the best dog breed in the world— but I’ll spare you hours of your time and keep it short & sweet.

Here are 11 reasons to love the Frenchie…

  1. Personality — They have the funniest, most unique personalities
  2. Looks — Their adorable squishy faces
  3. Companionship — They’re amazing companion dogs
  4. Cuddle bugs — Frenchies love to cuddle
  5. Loyalty — Frenchies are loyal but also super social
  6. IntelligenceSmarter than you’d expect
  7. Fun — Hilarious, goofy, and entertaining
  8. Safe — Great around children
  9. Easy — Easy to groom, minimal maintenance (but they shed)
  10. Compact — Great apartment dogs
  11. Easygoing — They don’t bark a lot

1. Their charming, unique personalities

It’s hard not to love a Frenchie…

And while they’re absolutely adored for their cute looks, the best part about a French Bulldog is their weird & quirky personality.

French Bulldog running away with a stick
“Catch me if you can!!”

They’re one of the goofiest, playful breeds I’ve ever seen… they’ll keep you entertained all day with their shenanigans.

Frenchies are…

  • Playful — They can play until they collapse from exhaustion… and they’re good at keeping themselves entertained by playing alone.
  • Affectionate — French Bulldogs are super loving and will let you know how much they adore you. They’re also huge cuddle bugs.
  • Sociable — Always making new friends, whether it be people, dogs, or other animals.
  • Lively — They have lots of energy and love to entertain.
  • Alert — They’re always present and paying attention to what’s going on in the world. They’re big observers.
  • Easygoing — Frenchies love meeting new people and tend to just “go with the flow”.
  • Athletic — They’re not the most athletic, but they are able to perform surprisingly well in short bursts!

This being said, if you’re looking for a dog to go hiking with or other strenuous outdoor activities, a Frenchie probably isn’t the best choice for you.

2. That face

While their personalities are #1, tons of people love them just for how cute they are. They are the center of attention when they go out, and it seems like 99% of the world thinks they’re the cutest things ever.

How can you resist Frenchies’ adorable, smushed faces!?

Look at those eyes!

Seriously. How can ANYBODY?!

3. Great companions

If you’re looking for a best friend that’ll always be by your side, then look no further.

Frenchies are definitely one of the best breeds for companionship.

Wherever you go, they will follow. All that matters is that they’re with you.

If you want a dog that will lay around and watch Netflix with you or go for a walk in the park, you’ve found your match! Whether you’re going across the living room or across the world, your Frenchie will be right there with you!

A French Bulldog sleeping on the couch next to its owner
“There’s no place I’d rather be…”

This is one of the reasons why I feel French Bulldogs make such great Emotional Support Animals; you’ll feel loved 24/7.

4. Love to cuddle

If you’re looking for a dog that will lay in bed all day with you watching TV, then look no further than the French Bulldog.

They’re HUGE couch potatoes!

My Frenchie won’t sleep anywhere but squeezed up right against me. If I move an inch, she does too.

Want to give your Frenchie somewhere comfy to sleep? Check out this cute, cozy, cuddly, and comfy Donut Bed on Amazon.

5. Loyal

Frenchies absolutely adore their owners and want to always be by your side. They’re super loyal to their owner(s).

Sure, they may show love for others, but they’ll always end up running back to your lap.

Back where I belong…

6. Smart

While Frenchies are no geniuses, they are the smartest of all the “bully” breeds. Their intelligence ranks somewhere in the middle when compared to all other dog breeds.

They’ll have absolutely no problem picking up some tricks to show off their skills, however, they can be quite stubborn, but don’t mistake this for them being dumb!

My Frenchie responds to many of my friends and family’s names. She’s only met my sister’s dog a few times but always goes crazy when we mention her name! It’s like she knows what we’re saying!

Toys for an Intelligent Frenchie

Keep your Frenchie mentally stimulated with some Smart Puzzle Toys — there’s a bunch of different designs and puzzles with varying difficulties — you’ll find something your Frenchie loves!

This one below from Outward Hound is a beginner-level Smart Toy — perfect to see if your Frenchie enjoys interactive puzzle toys.

Smart Frenchie Toy
Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Tan Composite Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe materials
  • Mental stimulation
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05/21/2024 08:56 am GMT

7. Hilarious

Their hilarious, quirky personalities will keep you entertained for hours. They always seem to get into mischief or do something goofy.

If you don’t believe me, just check out this compilation of some of the funniest Frenchies on the internet!

Convinced yet?

8. Great around children

In my opinion, Frenchies are the perfect size for kids. They also have a friendly disposition and will get along with anybody!

Frenchies are stocky enough to take any roughhousing, but not big enough that they would trample a little one.

Having a dog that is great around children is a huge plus even if you don’t have any children yourself.

Kids always want to play with my Frenchie (who wouldn’t?) and it’s a Pro that they get along nicely.

9. Easy to groom

Frenchie’s short coats make them extremely easy to groom; just a quick bath every week or so will keep them looking sharp!

Frenchies may be easy-to-groom, but that doesn’t mean no-need-to-groom.

Controlling your Frenchie’s shedding

They shed a bit, so it’s a good idea to de-shed them using something like the FURminator unless you like pet hair all around your house. I also like to use Earthbath Shed Control Shampoo when I bathe my Frenchie to reduce shedding even further. If you bring your Frenchie to a groomer, you can ask them about anti-shed treatments they offer (they’re quite popular).

Keeping them clean

In between my Frenchie’s baths, I regularly use Pogi’s Grooming Wipes to clean her wrinkles, paws, and eyes & to wipe down any dirt/odors.

They’re all-natural and hypoallergenic, so even Frenchies with sensitive skin won’t mind them.

Stop Shedding Instantly!
Controls Shedding!
All-Purpose Grooming Wipes
  • Safe— won't cut skin or damage coat
  • Effective— reduces loose shedded hair
  • Easy to use— just gently brush their coat
  • Gentle on their skin
  • Controls shedding, dander, and allergens
  • Moisturizes skin with Shea Butter & Omega Fatty Acids
  • All-natural— free of any hard ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic— won't irritate sensitive skin
  • Easily removes odors
Stop Shedding Instantly!
  • Safe— won't cut skin or damage coat
  • Effective— reduces loose shedded hair
  • Easy to use— just gently brush their coat
Controls Shedding!
  • Gentle on their skin
  • Controls shedding, dander, and allergens
  • Moisturizes skin with Shea Butter & Omega Fatty Acids
All-Purpose Grooming Wipes
  • All-natural— free of any hard ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic— won't irritate sensitive skin
  • Easily removes odors
05/21/2024 08:46 am GMT

10. Great apartment dogs

Frenchies have become so popular in cities such as NYC (ranked #1) for obvious reasons.

They’re some of the best apartment dogs out there!

In a city like NYC where nearly everybody is living in an apartment, having a large dog that requires tons of exercise isn’t the most practical thing.

Why Frenchies make such great apartment dogs

  • Don’t need much exercise or land to run around
  • Rarely bark… only when something is important enough to them
  • An apartment is enough space for them to have fun and run around in
  • Your neighbor probably will have a Frenchie Friend for your pup to play with too

11. Don’t bark a lot

This is another reason why French Bulldogs make such great apartment dogs.

My Frenchie barks so rarely that she won’t even bark to go potty outside (A little frustrating, but at least she isn’t yippy!)

10 Cons of Owning a French Bulldog

With all this Frenchie talk, you probably didn’t think there’d be any cons.


Frenchies aren’t perfect — here are 10 reasons not to get a French Bulldog…

  1. They fart a lot — this can be reduced with a healthy diet & slow-feed bowl though (it’s still kinda gross)
  2. Clingy — Prone to Separation Anxiety or Clinginess
  3. HealthThey are prone to lots of health issues
  4. PriceThey’re expensive… like really really expensive
  5. Frustrating at times — Stubborn selective listeners
  6. Needy — Needy and high-maintenance at times
  7. Bad temperature regulationHeat & cold intolerance makes them not the greatest outdoors dogs
  8. Shedding — don’t be fooled by their short coats!
  9. Noisy — snoring, snorting, snarling, etc. (you either love it or hate it)
  10. Leash pulling — They are prone to pulling on the leash (and other behavior problems)

1. Farting

This is the worst downside to owning a French Bulldog. There’s nothing worse than having your Frenchie fart in your face when you’re hanging out on the couch.

To make matters worse, they have some of the smelliest farts I’ve ever experienced.

Not even a little?

With proper diet and other techniques, you can stop your Frenchie from farting as much.

The easiest way to cut back a bit on your Frenchie’s farting is by using a Slow Feed Bowl. Eating too fast can cause some air to get into their stomach, which leads to farting.

I use the one below for my Frenchie, but there are a whole bunch of different colors & designs so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that fits your Frenchie’s personality & home decor.

2. Prone to Separation Anxiety or Clinginess

One of the most common behavioral problems in French Bulldogs is easily separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety in dogs is characterized by their extreme distress when you leave the house. It can range anywhere from mild barking and whimpering to severe breaking everything in the house while scoring a noise complaint from the neighbors.

For some French Bulldogs with separation anxiety, they will do ANYTHING to try and find you, even if it means they get hurt in the process.

For a Frenchie with anxiety or clinginess, there are a few products you can try. My favorites are the ThunderShirt, Zesty Paws Hemp Elements, and the Happy Hoodie Calming Cap.

The ThunderShirt

While my Frenchie isn’t scared of loud noises and thunderstorms, I have used the ThunderShirt in the past on my other dogs that had really bad anxiety with thunderstorms and fireworks. It worked great.

But it’s not only for thunderstorms & loud noises — it can be used for general anxiety for any reason: vet visits, traveling, separation anxiety, grooming, you name it!

The ThunderShirt is what I recommend any dog owner start with if they’re looking for a natural solution to their dog’s anxiety — it works on most dogs, and it works fast.

FrenchieWiki Favorite
ThunderShirt Polo Anxiety Vest

Effective in 80% of dogs

Calms your Frenchie during fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, grooming, and much more with no training and no medication

Comfortable & easy to put on or take off

Relieve stress-related behaviors such as jumping, excessive barking, and inappropriate marking

  • Comfy & easy to put on
  • Helps sooth stress during thunderstorms and other stressful times
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Zesty Paws Hemp Elements

When it comes to calming my Frenchie, I like to avoid sedative medications at all costs. They can aggravate Frenchie breathing problems and I just really don’t like seeing my dog zonked out like they get when taking something strong. Even a Benadryl knocks my Frenchie out & makes her a little loopy.

That’s where Zesty Paws Hemp Elements comes in — it’s a 100% natural way to calm your Frenchie.

It contains Hemp Seed, Melatonin, and L-Theanine to calm your Frenchie without any of the side effects of other sedative medications like worsening their breathing, loopiness, and lethargy.

I highly recommend this for plane travel, as the last thing you want to do when your Frenchie is stuck under the seat on a hot plane is give them something that could worsen their breathing.

Zesty Paws Hemp Elements
$14.97 ($1.25 / Ounce)
  • Calms your Frenchie
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Contains Suntheanine— helps promote a sense of relaxation and calmness for your pup
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The Happy Hoodie

The Happy Hoodie Calming Cap is a similar product to the ThunderShirt, but is a bit easier/comfier for them to wear and also protects their ears.

It was designed as a grooming tool to protect their ears from moisture & loud sounds (like a blowdryer), but also works at home, while traveling, or anywhere that’s loud & stressful.

You can also use it with the ThunderShirt too, which might be exactly what your Frenchie needs during those really stressful times.

It comes in 5 different colors — I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your Frenchie’s coat & personality — an anti-anxiety product that also doubles as a cute fashion accessory!

Happy Hoodie Calming Cap

Reduce your Frenchie's anxiety

Keeps their head and ears warm

Protects your Frenchie's hearing

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3. Their Health Issues

It’s no secret that French Bulldogs can suffer from a wide variety of health issues.

You can minimize the risk of your Frenchie having health issues by finding a reputable, experienced breeder.

A French Bulldog at the vet
Health issues are no fun for anybody…

Some of the most common health issues are…

4. Expensive

The price of a purebred French Bulldog ranges from $1,500 to $8,000.

While $8,000 is certainly on the higher end of the spectrum, it’s not uncommon to see Frenchies for $5,000 depending on the breeder.

Not only is a Frenchie puppy expensive, but their health issues can quickly add up to astronomical amounts.

Investing in pet insurance is always recommended for Frenchie owners.

The Frenchie costs more than the car

5. Stubborn

Part of Frenchies’ personalities is their free-minded, stubborn nature.

It can be pretty frustrating when your Frenchie literally couldn’t care less about what you think.

A White French Bulldog sleeping on the beach
Frenchies have a mind of their own

I have done tons of obedience training with my Frenchie, however, it’s still hard to get her to listen when something else has her attention.

6. Very Needy & High Maintenance

Not only can Frenchies be clingy, but they also have many other needs that must be met.

Frenchies are high-maintenance because…

  • They shed quite a bit
  • They always want attention
  • They need special care to protect their joints (like using puppy stairs)
  • They overheat easily and can have breathing issues on intense exertion

For example, you have to be super careful in the summer that they don’t get overheated and be wary of them jumping off of tall furniture so they don’t hurt their backs or joints.

Their joints need extra care

To help reduce the strain on my Frenchie’s joints, I like to use these Puppy Stairs — they come in different steps/heights for different furniture, and a whole bunch of colors.

I put them next to every bed in my house that my Frenchie will be getting on/off of.

What I Use
Puppy Stairs

Available in 3-step (13.5” high), 4-step (18”), and 5-step (22.5”) to match your furniture.

Available in many different colors to match your furniture

  • Protects your Frenchie's joints
  • Tons of colors & patterns to match any room
  • Machine-washable cover that is easy to remove
  • Available in 3-steps, 4-steps, and 5-steps
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05/10/2024 09:17 pm GMT

Check it out: Puppy Stairs that Reduce Joint Strain on Amazon

7. Heat and Cold Intolerance

Due to their brachycephalic nature, Frenchies often struggle to regulate their body temperature.

For example, it will take a Frenchie much longer to cool down after running around when compared to other non-brachycephalic (not flat-faced) breeds.

Frenchies pant more than your average pup

Remember this next time you’re at the dog park, and see the other dogs running laps around your Frenchie while they struggle to catch their breath.

Frenchies have special needs — don’t push them past their physical limitations.

Keeping your Frenchie cool

You can accommodate for them by having plenty of water, a not-too-hot area, and knowing when enough is enough.

8. Lots of Shedding

It surprises me how much my Frenchie sheds especially as she has such a short coat!

I have to constantly de-shed her coat using a tool like the Furminator unless I want to walk around covered in dog hair.

If you suffer from dog allergies, a French Bulldog might not be for you. Frenchies are not a hypoallergenic breed.

Let me repeat, French Bulldogs are NOT hypoallergenic.

9. Snoring, snorting & snarling

Because of their smushed faces and something called brachycephalic syndrome, French Bulldogs often snore… loudly.

They also make a bunch of other funny sounds that personally don’t bother me at all, but it’s something you should be aware of before getting a Frenchie.

This is just one of many quirks of the breed that you’re going to have to learn to love.

10. Pulling on the leash

Frenchies are notorious for pulling on their leashes.

French Bulldog by the water on a leash
“I don’t pull that bad!”

Not only is leash-pulling annoying for us Frenchie owners, it also puts a lot of strain on your Frenchie’s neck/spine.

They’re also pretty strong which makes pulling on their leash a huge pain in the butt!

Frenchies are like a 100lb dog in a 25lb dog’s body.

A Comfy Leash & Harness

These are the Leash & Harness combo that I personally use

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Frenchies good apartment dogs?

Yes, Frenchies are the perfect apartment dog as they don’t require lots of exercise!

Your living room should be enough for them!

Are Frenchies good around children?

Yes, Frenchies are a great breed for children!

They’re super friendly & rugged enough to take any roughhousing from them.

Are French Bulldogs smart?

While Frenchies aren’t necessarily geniuses, they’re the smartest of the bully breeds.

They’re super stubborn though!

Are French Bulldogs Strong?

Relative to their size, Frenchies are pretty strong dogs. They have powerful jaws and a muscular body that makes them rip through toys like nothing. But they are super friendly & affectionate — not aggressive at all.
Note: compared to larger powerful dogs like the Rottweiler, Pitbull, or Mastiff, Frenchies would not be considered strong.

Are French Bulldogs good pets?

Yes! Frenchies make amazing pets — they’re loving as could be, have super quirky and goofy personalities that’ll keep you entertained all day, and they’re just the most adorable thing in the world (biased, yes we know).

Are French Bulldogs loyal?

Yes, Frenchies are definitely loyal to their owners… but they won’t hesitate to say hi to strangers and make a new friend. But at the end of the day, there’s no place they’d rather be than by your side (ideally in your lap).

Are French Bulldogs friendly?

Yes, Frenchies are one of the most friendly dog breeds you could find. As a matter of fact, they are on the American Kennel Club’s Top 10 Best Family Dogs!

Are Frenchies hard to take care of?

While French Bulldogs might have some quirks that you need to understand to better take care of them, they’re pretty easy to take care of once you know the breed.
These quirks are: they overheat fast, they need their folds cleaned, they have sensitive stomachs, and they need a lifestyle that doesn’t hurt their joints/spine.

Why do people like French Bulldogs?

There’s a million reasons why people love Frenchies. They have wonderful charming personalities that’ll always make you laugh, are super loving & friendly (make great family dogs), and they’re surprisingly smart.

Are French Bulldogs cuddly?

Yes, Frenchies are a great breed for someone that wants a dog that’ll curl up with them on the bed or couch and watch TV for hours.
They love snuggling up right next to you and leaving you barely any room for yourself.


Tuesday 16th of January 2024

After reading all the pros and cons, I've determined that I most certainly do NOT need to get a Frence Bulldog! LOL!