French Bulldog vs. English Bulldog

French Bulldog vs. English Bulldog

The English Bulldog and French Bulldog are among the most popular dog species in the world.

According to the 2020 studies, Bulldog has been ranked the second most popular dog species globally.

English Bulldog and French Bulldog have several similarities.

Both are strong dogs with great loyalty and very powerful jaws.

They are very good at guarding their owners and territory.

Both are active, playful, and intelligent dogs that make great family pets.

But, there are some important differences between these two breeds too.

This piece shall discuss some of the essential things you need to know about the English Bulldog vs. the French Bulldog.

Then, the guide will help you make a sound decision on which to choose between the two.

Frenchie vs. English Bulldog Comparison Table

1. Height

The height of the English Bulldog is 14 to 15 inches, while the height of the French Bulldog is approximately 11 to 12 inches.

Therefore, the English Bulldog is taller than the French Bulldog by just a few inches.

2. Weight

The weight of the English Bulldog ranges from 40 to 60 pounds, while the weight of the French Bulldog is approximately 20 to 28 pounds.

To summarize, the English Bulldog weighs roughly twice as much as the French Bulldog.

3. Head size

The head size of the English Bulldog is about three times larger than that of the French Bulldog.

Also, the skull of the English Bulldog is slightly longer and broader than that of the French Bulldog.

4. Forehead Size

The foreheads of both breeds are about the same size.

However, the nose of the English Bulldog is much longer and broader than that of the French Bulldog.

5. Skull Shape

The skulls of both breeds are slightly domed.

However, the English Bulldog has a slightly more domed skull shape.

6. Lifespan

The average lifespan of an English Bulldog is 8 to 10 years, while the average lifespan of a French Bulldog is approximately 10 to 14 years.

That means, on average, a French Bulldog will live longer than an English Bulldog.

7. Coat

Both of these dogs have short hair; however, the coat of the English Bulldog is more coarse and harsh than that of the French Bulldog.

On the other hand, the coat of the French Bulldog is smoother and softer than that of the English Bulldog.

8. Eye Color

Both breeds have blue eyes.

However, the eye color of the English Bulldog ranges from dark blue to light blue, while that of the French Bulldog ranges from brown to hazel.

9. Ear Shape

The ears of both breeds are triangular-shaped and erect.

However, the shape of the ears of the English Bulldog is longer and more rounded, while those of the French Bulldog are shorter and more pointed.

10. Price

The price of an English Bulldog varies significantly and is mainly determined by its coat color.

The most common colors of English Bulldogs (including black, red, chocolate, and brindle) are much more expensive than white or cream English Bulldogs.

11. General Appearance

Both of these dogs have a stocky, muscular body with short hair.

Their heads are proportionately large compared to their bodies.

They have a square-shaped face with a pointed chin, almond-shaped eyes, and a slightly upturned nose.

English Bulldog vs. French Bulldog Temperaments

Here are some of the main Temperamental differences between the English Bulldog and the French Bulldog:

English Bulldog Temperament

The English Bulldog are friendly, calm, courageous, and affectionate dogs.

They make good family pets and are often used for therapy work with children who have had traumatic experiences.

In addition, English Bulldogs are sometimes used as police or military working dogs because of their reliability, courage, and friendliness.

These dogs are very gentle and sensitive and do not like to be left alone for extended periods.

They live well in a home with other animals, but they can become distressed if they are the only dog in the house.

Therefore, when socializing with them, make sure there is always someone else around to avoid feeling lonely or abandoned.

The breed standard states that the Bulldog is a “loyal companion,” which is an accurate description.

French Bulldog Temperament

The French Bulldog is a smart, adaptable, playful, friendly, and affectionate dog with a fun-loving personality.

These dogs get along well with children and are excellent watchdogs.

They also like to be part of the family and are very protective of their owners.

However, these dogs need to be active and not bored all the time.

A bored French Bulldog will become destructive and often destroy your furniture, carpets, and other belongings.

Therefore, make sure you provide your French Bulldog with various toys, activities, and exercise opportunities.

These dogs also like other animals and can tolerate other pets in the home, but they are very territorial and will guard their domain with aggression.

It is important to remember that the Temperament of any dog is influenced by both heredity and environment.

Health Problems

Both breeds of dogs are prone to specific health problems, including hip dysplasia, cataracts, entropion (inward rolling of the eyelid), and eye cancer. You should also make sure your Bulldog gets regular teeth cleaning and dental care because they are prone to tooth decay and periodontal disease. In addition, English Bulldogs are prone to wrinkle conditions and breathing difficulties.

French Bulldogs are prone to several health problems more than English Bulldog. Some of the common health issues for the French Bulldog include diarrhea, breathing problems, skin diseases, ear conditions, and mobility issues.

A brief history about French Bulldog and English Bulldog breeds

The French Bulldog has been around for a very long time.

They have a rich and colorful history as working dogs in many countries.

The history of the English Bulldog breed is a lot less colorful.

It was developed in England in the early 19th century as a fighting dog used to pull carts and other heavy loads.

The English Bulldog is the only non-sporting breed recognized by the kennel clubs of England and Wales.

However, over the past few decades, there has been a recent upsurge in popularity in English Bulldogs as pets and show dogs.


In conclusion, both breeds of dogs are very friendly, affectionate, and loyal to their owners, but the temperament of any dog is influenced by both heredity and environment.

Therefore, the choice of the breeder and the way the dog is raised and socialized will make a big difference in the way the dog will turn out to be.

Both breeds of dogs can live very long lives, provided they are taken care of properly.

A well-bred, well-socialized English Bulldog or a well-bred, well-socialized French Bulldog will live a much longer happy life than a poorly-bred or poorly-socialized dog.

Therefore, if you are looking for a new puppy, you should choose the best suits your lifestyle and temperament.

This guide provided you with the information you need to make an intelligent decision about which breed of dog would be the best fit for your lifestyle and your home.

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