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Why do French Bulldogs make such Funny Noises?

Let’s be honest

Let’s face it, your neighbor’s dog that barks all day is up there with crying babies on the list of The Most Annoying Things in the World.

If you’re thinking about getting a Frenchie, you might wonder, “Is that going to be my Frenchie?!”

Not Notorious Barkers

Fortunately, Frenchies aren’t huge barkers… they might bark if provoked, but they’re not a “yappy dog” whatsoever.

That doesn’t mean they won’t hesitate to let you know when they want something!

Obviously, some Frenchies will bark a lot & some may barely bark at all… but you shouldn’t be worried about this if you’re considering a Frenchie.

When your Frenchie barks, don’t ignore them; there’s probably a good reason for their chatter! (I said probably!)

Fun fact: Boston Terriers are much bigger barkers than Frenchies. +1 for Frenchies

A talkative bunch

Frenchie’s are also known for the strange, sometimes startling sounds they can make.

Their voice is quite expressive and sometimes sounds like they’re speaking their own language!

Frenchies can be noisy!

They’ll make sounds from crying, whimpering, and whining to snorting, snoring, and farting.

Sure, Frenchies can be quite noisy, however, I wouldn’t say they’re loud.

You can either love it or hate it, but these characteristics are what make French Bulldogs such a unique breed.

They’ll constantly be making you laugh with their goofy shenanigans and odd sounds.

Why are French Bulldogs so Noisy?

Brachycephalic Breed

French Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed, which basically means “flat-faced” or “short-headed”.

This makes them prone to breathing problems like other breeds such as Pugs, Shih Tzus, Boston Terriers, and Boxers.

These breeds require extra attention when they’re outside in the heat or cold, as they’re not able to regulate their body temperature as well as most other breeds.

The Soft Palate

Their elongated soft palate, which is the tissue between the mouth and nose, is one of the main causes of snoring.

An elongated soft palate is easily remedied with a simple surgical procedure and will greatly improve your pup’s quality of life.

Speak to your veterinarian about the pros and cons of soft palate surgery.

French Bulldog Reverse Sneezing

Reverse sneezing can be quite scary to a new French Bulldog owner.

Your Frenchie may seem like it’s choking or unable to breathe, but there’s no need to be worried!

Reverse sneezing is common in brachycephalic breeds due to their elongated soft palates, but can be seen in any dog breed.

Reverse what?

What exactly is reverse sneezing? When your Frenchie has an episode of reverse sneezing, they will make multiple sudden, rapid inhalations through their nose, followed by some snorting and gagging sounds. They will also stand still, extending their neck and head.

Reverse sneezing could be caused by allergens or other irritants in their airways, over-excitement, or irritation of the nasal, pharyngeal, or sinus passages.

According to the American Kennel Club, you can try to hold your Frenchie’s nostrils closed for a second and lightly massage its throat to calm him. You can also try to lightly blow in their face, which can help your dog to swallow, stopping the spasm.

Do French Bulldogs Bark a Lot?

Fortunately, French Bulldogs rarely bark without reason. They’re nothing like terriers and other toy breeds that we’ve all experienced at some point. This is just one of their traits that makes them great apartment dogs

My Frenchie barks so seldom that she doesn’t even bark to go potty, which unfortunately leads to many accidents if I’m not watching her. When I’m outside walking her, she rarely barks at other dogs she sees.

Why is my Frenchie barking?

There are many reasons why your Frenchie might bark.

They may be territorial, seeking attention, playful, frustrated, alarmed, or simply compulsive, nonstop barking.

If you find that your French Bulldog’s barking is becoming excessive, it’s imperative that you stop this behavior while they’re still a puppy, or else this behavior will become reinforced over time, resulting in an annoying Frenchie! You may need the assistance of a professional trainer in some cases, but usually, this problem can be remedied by following these tips.

How to Stop Your French Bulldog From Barking

Completely ignore them

If you are giving your Frenchie a reaction when they bark, they will continue to seek out a similar reaction in the future. If you give your dog a treat or toy whenever they bark to quiet them up, they will learn that barking is the way to get what they want.

As Frenchies aren’t the biggest barkers, they’ll probably get bored after realizing that the only thing they’ll get from barking is the cold shoulder. Completely ignore them. Don’t look at them, yell at them, or push them away; continue as if you couldn’t hear them.

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Teach them the “quiet” command

Ironically, before your dog can learn how to be quiet, they must learn the “speak” command.

The American Kennel Club has a great article on teaching the “speak” command!

Once your pup can speak on command, you’re ready to teach them the speak command!

How to Teach the “Quiet” Command
  1. Tell your dog to “speak”
  2. After they’ve barked, give them the “quiet” command, hold a treat in front of their nose and wait until they stop barking.
  3. Over time, you’ll want to incrementally increase the duration between their reward. Once you find that your Frenchie will stop barking on command, you’re ready for the next step.
  4. Try throwing in some of your dog’s barking triggers; for example, if your dog barks at the doorbell, have a friend ring your doorbell and be ready to give them the “quiet” command.

Don’t forget to stay consistent!

As with any other training you do with your pets, it’s essential to stay consistent with your expectations. Otherwise, you will confuse your Frenchie as it’s not clear what you want from them.

Dogs love nothing more than pleasing their owners, it just takes some time and patience for them to understand what you want.

You’ll learn to speak Frenchie

Frenchie’s sounds are just one of their many quirks.

They like to express themselves in what seems like their own language!

Owning a Frenchie means dealing with their snoring, snorting, farting, whining, crying, and talking, but it’s what makes the French Bulldog such a unique breed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do French Bulldogs Bark a lot?

No, Frenchies are not big barkers by any means… my Frenchie barely even barks to go outside!

Why is my Frenchie snorting & gagging?

This sounds like ‘reverse sneezing’. It’s common in flat-faced dogs and nothing to be concerned about unless it’s happening very often.


Wednesday 1st of February 2023

Love my frenchie Eric and yes reverse sneezing is frightening for him and me but its very rare he does it. They are so human like with their needs .Wouldn't be without him.


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

Thank you for sharing your love for your Frenchie, Eric!

It's great to hear that he's a beloved part of your life. My Frenchie is just as much a member of our family as anybody else. I completely understand how scary it can be to experience reverse sneezing with your furry friend. The good news is that reverse sneezing is harmless (as I'm sure you know), and it's relatively common in French Bulldogs like Eric. My own Frenchie has experienced it a few times, and while it's scary in the moment, it doesn't seem to bother her much either.

Not sure if you found this article, but it might be of help to you: What Is French Bulldog Reverse Sneezing?

It's all about reverse sneezing & has a little part about how you can stop reverse sneezing... here's it simplified:

Cover their nostrils with your fingers to encourage swallowing and stop the episode. (I find this works the best) Lightly blow in their face to encourage swallowing and stop the episode. Massage their throat to calm them down and stop the spasm. Try to calm them down since reverse sneezing can be scary for them.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

- FrenchieWiki