Other Breeds

General information about other brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds that are similar to Frenchies

A Husky on a leash outside

French Bulldog & Husky Mix

Mix a Frenchie & a Husky and you’ve got yourself ‘French Bullsky’. Learn how much they cost, their personality, exercise needs, and more!

A Cute Pied French Bulldog looking up at the camera

11 Popular French Dog Breeds

Did you know that Frenchies aren’t from France? But these 11 other breeds are! Learn all about French dogs, their history, and popularity.

What is a Pocket Bully?

Have you ever heard of a Pocket Bully? It’s a mix between an American Bully & Patterdale Terrier. Learn about their history, how much they cost, and more!

A Poodle Puppy

French Bulldog & Poodle Mix

Mix a Frenchie & Poodle, and you have yourself a ‘French Boodle’. Learn about this unique mixed breed, how much they cost, and how they compare to Frenchies.

A Dogo Argentino panting outside in a field

Dogo Argentino Price

Did you know the average price of a Dogo Argentino is $2,000? Learn about the breed, why they cost so much, and where you can find one!

Shih-Tzu Price

Did you know the avg. price of a Shih-Tzu is $3000? Check out our Shih-Tzu Price Chart, why they cost so much, & the most expensive Shih-Tzu in the world!

Bully Breeds

Bully Breeds are terrier-like breeds. Learn more about the history of these breeds, why they’re called “bullies”, and more!

A Cute Pug showing his teeth

Who is Doug the Pug?

Doug the Pug is one of the biggest pet celebrities in the world! Come learn who Doug is, why he’s so famous, and see the A-list celebs he’s hung out with.

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