43 Pug Mixes

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Pug Mixes

Bored of the same old โ€œpugโ€?! (how could you be)

Well, check out these adorable Pug Mixesโ€“ more than enough cutenessโ€ฆ

Pug Mix Price Chart

This is a list of the 43 Pug Mixes & their prices.

NameMixed with,Price
BassuggBasset Hound$800
Bugg / Boston PugBoston Terrier$550
BullpugEnglish Bulldog$1,000
Cocker PugCocker Spaniel$1,000
Corgi PugWelsh Corgi$850
Daug / PugshundDachshund$1,250
Frug / French PugFrench Bulldog$1,750
Golden PugGolden Retriever$900
Great Pug / Pug DaneGreat Dane$750
JapugJapanese Chin$450
Ori PeiShar-Pei$1,275
Austrailian PugAustrailian Shepherd$750
Pug DobermanDoberman$1,200
Pug PitAmerican Pitbull Terrier$900
Pug ShibaShiba Inu$450
Pug ZhuShih-Tzu$700
Pug-A-MoAmerican Eskimo Dog$2,000
Pug-CotonCoton de Tulear$1,800
PugadorLabrador Retriever$1,625
PugairnCairn Terrier$800
PugalierKing Charles Cavalier Spaniel$550
PugeseChinese Crested$600
PuggatRat Terrier$800
PuggitItalian Greyhound$600
PughasaLhasa Apso$700
Pughuahua / ChugChihuahua$700
PuglandWest Highland White Terrier$750
PugshireYorkshire Terrier$375
Pugsky / HugHusky$1,600
PushonBichon Frise$700
Retro PugJack Russel Terrier$1,300
SchnugMiniature Schnauzer$1,050
Sheltie PugShetland Sheepdog$750
Tibetan PugTibetan Spaniel$1,600
Toy PoxerToy Fox Terrier$1,400

Have you heard of the Retro Pug?

The Retro Pugโ€” a not-so-retro Pug Mix. Itโ€™s a mix between a Pug & a Jack Russel Terrierโ€” the goal of breeding the Retro Pug was to reduce the breathing & joint issues that affect so many Pugs

It may be new, but itโ€™s trying to be an old-fashioned pugโ€ฆ the Pug that wasnโ€™t as notorious for its health issues.

Pugs have changed a lot over the yearsโ€“ they have beenย selectively bred for flatter facesย in an attempt to make them cuter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive Pug Mix?

The most expensive pug mix is the Pug-A-Mo for $2,000, a mix between a Pug and an American Eskimo Dog.

What is the least expensive Pug Mix?

The least expensive pug mix is the Pugshire for $375, a mix between a Pug and a Yorkshire Terrier.

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