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271 French Bulldog Name Ideas

So you’ve decided that a Frenchie is right for you

Now, you just need to decide on a name— easier said than done!

Check out these Frenchie names and see if any of them speak to you!

7 Tips for Picking your Frenchie’s name

  • Find meaning: Choose a name that has personal meaning to you or your French bulldog, such as a favorite place, activity, or family name.
  • Sleep on it: Don’t rush into a name. Take some time to consider a few options and see which one feels like the best fit for your Frenchie.
  • Consider personality: Think about your dog’s personality and traits, such as their playfulness, loyalty, or silly antics. This can inspire a fitting name.
  • Length and simplicity: Keep the name short and easy to pronounce for both you and your Frenchie. This will make training and daily interactions easier.
  • Avoid common names: Stand out from the crowd by avoiding common dog names like Max, Charlie, or Bella. Choose something unique and special to your pup.
  • Use humor: If your Frenchie has a quirky personality, consider a name that reflects their sense of humor, such as Puddles for a dog who loves water.
  • Try it out: Before settling on a name, test it out for a few days to see how it fits with your dog’s personality and behaviors.

Table of Contents

Girl French Bulldog Names

Are you looking for a name for your female Frenchie? Check these out and see if anything catches your eye (and heart)!

NameFrench Meaning
AdèleNoble or kind
AmélieHardworking or industrious
AnaisMerciful, gracious, holy
BrigitteStrength or exalted one
CamillePerfect or unblemished
ChanelChannel, water pipe, or canal
ChloéBlooming or fertility
ClémenceMercy or gentle
CocoChocolate bean (nickname for Coco Chanel, a famous French fashion designer)
ColetteVictorious people
CorinneBeautiful maiden
CélineHeavenly or divine
DelphineOf Delphi or womb
EloïseHealthy or wide
EclairFlash of lightning (from the dessert)
ElodieForeign riches
EsméEsteemed or beloved
GenevièveTribe woman
GisellePledge or hostage
IsabelleGod is my oath
IsaPromise of God or God’s promise
IvaFrom the Yew tree
LenaLight, bright, shining, or beautiful
LiliFlower lily
LilouLily or a combination of Lily and Louise
LuluFamous warrior
MadeleineWoman from Magdala
MarieStar of the sea
MathildeMighty in battle
MilouSea of bitterness
ParisA great lover or from Paris
RenéeReborn or born again
SolangeSolemn or dignified
SylvieSpirit of the wood or from the forest
ViolettePurple or violet flower
VivienneLife or alive

Boy French Bulldog Names

Looking for the perfect name for your beefy male Frenchie? Check out these French names & all their meanings!

NameFrench Meaning
AbelBreathing, breath
ArnaudEagle power
AubinWhite, bright
BeauHandsome, beautiful
BlaiseLisp, stutter, stammer
CésarThick head of hair
ClémentMerciful, gentle
EliasJehovah is God, The Lord is my God, The strong Lord
ElroyGod sees, the king
EnzoConquering, ruler of the house, winner
FilouLoving, loved one
FrancFree, Frenchman
GaspardTreasure bearer
GastonStranger, guest
HenriHome ruler
HugoMind, intellect
JulesYouthful, descended from Jupiter
LaurentThe bright one, the shining one
MaëlChief, prince
MarcelLittle warrior
MonacoMonk, solitary
OlivierOlive tree
PascalRelating to Easter, of the Passover
PierreRock, stone
RafaleGod has healed
RaphaëlGod has healed
RenéBorn again, reborn
SimonListen, hearing
SébastienVenerable, revered
ThéoDivine gift
TiméoTo honor God
TristanTumult, outcry
ValentinStrong, healthy, power, rule
VoltaireDetermined thing
YvesYew wood, archer

Cute French Bulldog Names

NameFrench Meaning
CâlinHug or cuddle
ChérieDear or beloved
FleuretteLittle flower
FriandiseTreat or delicacy
MignonCute or adorable
PastelSoft colors
PetitSmall or little

Exotic French Bulldog Names

AlizeFrench name meaning “trade wind”
AmaraAfrican name meaning “grace” or “mercy”
AnoukFrench name meaning “grace” or “favor”
CosimaItalian name meaning “order” or “beauty”
FaridArabic name meaning “unique” or “precious”
IndiraIndian name meaning “beauty” or “splendid”
KahlilArabic name meaning “friend” or “companion”
KalilaArabic name meaning “beloved” or “dearly loved”
KailaniHawaiian name meaning “sea and sky”
KismetTurkish name meaning “fate” or “destiny”
LeandroSpanish and Italian name meaning “lion man”
LeilaniHawaiian name meaning “heavenly flowers” or “royal child”
NikitaRussian name meaning “victorious people”
RaviIndian name meaning “sun” or “radiance”
RioSpanish name meaning “river” or “stream”
SaphirFrench name meaning “sapphire”
SorayaPersian name meaning “jewel” or “princess”
XantheGreek name meaning “golden” or “fair-haired”
YasminPersian name meaning “jasmine flower”
ZephyrGreek name meaning “west wind” in mythology

Unique French Bulldog Names

NameFrench Meaning
MistralMasterly wind
MirageIllusion or fantasy
RiveShore or bank
SereinSerene or calm
SylvestreWood or forest

Funny French Bulldog Names

BaguetteFrench bread
Bark TwainPlay on the name of American author Mark Twain
Bark-André FurryPlay on the name of French soccer player André-Pierre Gignac
BordeauxFrench wine region
BrieCreamy French cheese
Café au LaitCoffee with milk in French
CanicheFrench for “poodle”
CroissantFrench pastry
Crème BrûléeFrench dessert
EscargotFrench for “snail”
EiffelInspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Fifi LePewInspired by the French-speaking skunk character from Looney Tunes
FromageFrench for “cheese”
Monsieur Moustache“Mr. Mustache” in French
Napoleon Bone-apartePlay on the name of French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte
Oui OuiFrench for “yes yes”
PâtéFrench spreadable meat dish
PoochiniPlay on the name of Italian composer Puccini
QuicheSavory French tart
RatatouilleClassic French dish and animated movie

Celebrity French Bulldog Names

AsiaNamed after the continentLady Gaga’s French Bulldog
BilliePossibly named after iconic singer Billie HolidayMiley Cyrus’s French Bulldog
BellaNamed after the Italian word for “beautiful”Leonardo DiCaprio’s French Bulldog
BowieNamed after iconic musician David BowieJoe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s dog
DexterNamed after a popular TV show characterHugh Jackman’s French Bulldog
DjangoNamed after the character from the film “Django Unchained”Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s French Bulldog
FawkesNamed after the character from the “Harry Potter” seriesAriana Grande’s dog
FinnNamed after the Irish word for “fair” or “white”Amanda Seyfried’s dog
GaryKnown for accompanying actress Carrie Fisher on the red carpetCarrie Fisher’s French Bulldog
KojiNamed after the Japanese word for “little one”Lady Gaga’s French Bulldog
LumpyNamed for his adorably wrinkled appearanceSandra Bullock’s French Bulldog
MeatballNamed after the popular Italian dishAdam Sandler’s Bulldog
NormanNamed after a beloved late dogJennifer Aniston’s dog
OliveNamed after the popular Mediterranean fruitChrissy Teigen and John Legend’s French Bulldog
PuddyNamed after a play on the word “buddy”Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s French Bulldog
RockyNamed after the iconic movie character Rocky BalboaKelly Osbourne’s French Bulldog
StellaNamed after the Latin word for “star”Reese Witherspoon’s French Bulldog
VidaNamed after the Spanish word for “life”Demi Lovato’s French Bulldog
WinstonNamed after the famous British statesman Winston ChurchillGwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s French Bulldog

French Bulldog Names from Movies

Character NameMovie/ShowDescription
BaltoAnimated Film – BaltoA heroic and determined Siberian Husky character
BeethovenBeethoven (film)A lovable and mischievous Saint Bernard character
BenjiBenji (film series)A resourceful and loving mixed-breed dog character
BoltBolt (film)A brave and loyal dog character from a Disney animated film
ChanceHomeward Bound: The Incredible JourneyA fun-loving and energetic American Bulldog character
CopperThe Fox and the Hound (film)A loyal and endearing Bloodhound character from a Disney animated film
GidgetThe Secret Life of Pets (film)A feisty, fluffy Pomeranian character from an animated film
HoochTurner & HoochA loyal and lovable Dogue de Bordeaux character from a buddy-cop comedy movie
LadyLady and the Tramp (1955 film)A loving and gentle Cocker Spaniel character from a classic Disney movie
LassieLassie Come HomeA brave and loyal Rough Collie character from a classic film
MarleyMarley & MeA lovable and energetic Labrador Retriever character from a heartwarming movie
MiloThe Mask (film)A loyal and brave Jack Russell Terrier character from a comedy movie
NanaPeter Pan (1953 film)A caring and protective Saint Bernard character from a classic Disney film
OtisThe Adventures of Milo and OtisA curious and adventurous Pug character from a family adventure movie
SamI Am Legend (film)A loyal and brave German Shepherd character from a post-apocalyptic movie
ShadowHomeward Bound: The Incredible JourneyA wise and devoted Golden Retriever character from a family adventure film
SlinkyToy Story (film series)A lovable and loyal Slinky Dog character from a popular animated film series
StitchLilo & StitchA mischievous, adorable alien character from a Disney movie
TotoThe Wizard of Oz (1939 film)A loyal and intelligent Cairn Terrier character from a classic film
TrampLady and the Tramp (1955 film)A charming and street-smart stray dog character from a classic Disney movie

Famous French Bulldog Names

AlexandreCelebrated French author, Alexandre Dumas
AntoineFrench writer and aviator best known for “The Little Prince”, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
BrigitteFamous French actress and model, Brigitte Bardot
CocoIconic French fashion designer, Coco Chanel
EdithLegendary French singer, Edith Piaf
GustaveFrench civil engineer and architect who designed the Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel
JeanneFrench heroine and military leader, Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)
JulesFrench author known for adventure novels, Jules Verne
LouisVarious French kings named Louis
MariePioneering physicist and chemist, Marie Curie
MatisseRenowned French painter and sculptor, Henri Matisse
MonetFamous French painter, Claude Monet
NapoleonFamous French emperor and military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte
PasteurGroundbreaking French scientist and inventor, Louis Pasteur
RenoirLeading French Impressionist painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir
SartreFamous French philosopher and writer, Jean-Paul Sartre
SimoneInfluential French feminist writer and philosopher, Simone de Beauvoir
VoltaireInfluential French writer and philosopher, Voltaire
ZolaProminent French novelist and journalist, Émile Zola

Badass French Bulldog Names

BlazeFiery strength
CerberusThree-headed dog of Greek mythology
ChaosState of complete disorder and confusion
FuryIntense anger or force
HavocWidespread destruction or chaos
MaverickIndependent and unorthodox
PhantomMysterious and elusive presence
RaptorFierce and agile bird of prey
RogueUnpredictable and unconventional
RumbleLow, heavy, continuous sound
SabotageDeliberate destruction or undermining
SpartanFearless and disciplined warrior of ancient Greece
StormPower and force of nature
ThunderPowerful sound of a storm
TitanPowerful deities of Greek mythology
ValkyriePowerful female warriors of Norse mythology
ViperFierce and venomous snake