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French Bulldog Cropped Ears

Are Frenchies’ ears cropped? How do they stand up pointy like that…? Should I crop my Frenchies ears?! Learn all about Frenchies & their ears.

A French Bulldog running outside through the fall leaves

French Bulldogs Tails

Have you ever wondered why French Bulldogs have such short tails? Learn everything about Frenchie tails, why they’re the way they are, and more!

A French Bulldog with Cherry Eye

French Bulldog Eye Problems

Eye Problems are just one of the many health issues French Bulldog are at risk of. Learn about all the types of eye issues Frenchies can develop & how to treat them!

French Bulldog Lifespan

Frenchies have an average lifespan of 11 years- learn what you can do to prolong your Frenchie’s life & increase their quality of life!

French Bulldog Health Problems

An in-depth guide on nearly every health problem affecting Frenchies. Learn about the most common health problems & what you can do to manage them.

A Black French Bulldog Sleeping

Crusty Nose in French Bulldogs

Having a dry & crusty nose is no fun! Learn why your Frenchie has a dry/crusty nose as well as what you can do to heal their nose!