French Bulldog Origins

Did you know that French Bulldogs aren't actually from France? Learn about the origins of French Bulldogs and how they become what they are today!

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last updated November 04, 2019

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French Bulldog Historical Timeline

1835 - Early Frenchies

Not French

Did you know that French Bulldogs aren’t even French? They actually originate from England.

So if Frenchies aren’t from France… then where do they get their name?!




1897 - FBDCA

On April 5th, 1897, the French Bulldog Club of America (FBDCA) was formed after much debate over whether the Frenchie should have “bat” ears or rose shaped ears.

1898 - Waldorf-Astoria

In 1898, the first French Bulldog specialty show was held at the luxurious Waldorf-Astoria hotel in NYC. This was also the first time the Frenchie received serious media attention and was sure to be responsible for their subsequent increase in popularity.

1913 - Westminster Kennel Club

The French Bulldog enters the Westminster Kennel Club with an entry of 100.

The Modern-Day French Bulldog

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