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How to Find a French Bulldog Breeder Near You

Find a French Bulldog Breeder near you

When looking for a French Bulldog Breeder, it can be hard to differentiate the reputable & ethical breeders from irresponsible & greedy breeders that are just in this business to make a quick buck.

Not only are there irresponsible & greedy breeders, but there are also some flat-out scammers out there that’ll take your money and run!

Did you know the average cost to breed a French Bulldog is roughly $3,500?

In this guide, I will cover the red flags of breeders, questions to ask your breeder, what to expect, and the entire process from finding your breeder to bringing home your new Frenchie puppy.

Where to Find a Reputable French Bulldog Breeder

The AKC offers a Breeder Referral Search that can be used to find a local AKC branch in your area that will be able to provide you with info about local breeders.

11 Red Flags of French Bulldog Breeders

During your process of finding a French Bulldog puppy, you should be wary if the breeder you are dealing with shows any of these red flags:

Look out for these red flags…

  1. They don’t “vet” you
  2. You aren’t allowed to see where the dogs stay in-person
  3. You aren’t able to meet the dog’s parents
  4. The breeder doesn’t seem to have a close relationship with any of the dogs
  5. They don’t offer any papers
    1. If they do offer papers, verify that they are legitimate as many shady breeders will provide fake documents
  6. The breeder doesn’t specialize in one breed
  7. The puppy is less than 8-10 weeks old
  8. They insist on meeting in public
  9. They have no website or social media presence
  10. You found the breeder at a flea market or from a sign on the side of the road
  11. The price is too good to be true

Signs of a Legitimate French Bulldog Breeder

While there is no shortage of shady breeders out there, there are definitely tons of ethical French Bulldog breeders around that absolutely love & care for the breed.

Here are 7 signs that the breeder you’re dealing with is a legitimate, ethical breeder:

  1. They “vet” you
  2. They allow you to see where the puppies are raised
  3. They encourage you to meet the puppy’s parents
  4. The breeder has a close relationship with their dogs
  5. They have documentation
  6. They specialize in one or a few breeds
  7. They won’t let you take the puppy home until they’re at least 8-10 weeks old
  8. They allow you to tour their entire premises
  9. They have a website and/or a history on social media
  10. You found them through a trustworthy source
  11. Their price is what you’d expect for a Frenchie

What to look for when visiting a French Bulldog breeder

Before purchasing a puppy from a breeder, you definitely will want to visit them to see the puppies in-person.

When you do visit the breeder, keep the following in mind:

  1. Do the dogs look happy & healthy?
  2. Is the dogs’ environment clean & not overcrowded?
    1. How many dogs are living at the kennel?
  3. If the dogs have an outside area, is there a fence around it?
  4. Where are the dogs kept during the day?
  5. Do the dogs get sufficient time to play outdoors & socialize?
  6. Where do the dogs sleep?
  7. Do the dogs have toys & other sources of stimulation?

What should I ask my French Bulldog breeder?

  1. Can I meet the dog’s parents?– Your breeder should gladly allow you to meet the dog’s parents. If they respond otherwise, I would be hesitant to trust that breeder.
  2. How long have you been breeding?– Not only should they have some experience breeding, but you should ideally verify the info they provide to you. If they say they’ve been breeding for 5 years but their social media & website only dates back a month– I’d be cautious.
  3. Can I visit the facility where the puppies are raised?– There’s no reason why you should not be able to visit the facility where your future-puppy is being raised. If they refuse, you’re better off finding another breeder.
  4. What is your AKC registered Kennel Name?
  5. Ask questions about any negative reviews you find online– An honest, reputable breeder would be able to discuss any negative reviews and be transparent rather than dismissive & angry. If your breeder is unhappy that you brought up a negative review, I would look for another breeder.

Responsibilities of a French Bulldog Breeder

Breeding Frenchies is no walk-in-the-park— dealing with breeding, raising the puppies, and selling them to their new families is a ton of work.

Not to mention, vet bills, high-quality foods for the puppies, and housing just adds to the cost of breeding Frenchie

Frenchies also can’t reproduce naturally– they require 2 procedures that just add to the expenses of breeding Frenchies.

This is because their hips are too narrow to reproduce naturally

It requires a lot of time, effort, and money to breed happy and healthy Frenchies– there’s no other way to put it: breeding French Bulldogs is a full-time job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do French Bulldogs need to be artificially inseminated?

Yes. Frenchies also can’t reproduce naturally– they require both artificial insemination and c-sections. This is because their hips are too narrow.

What are the signs of a shady French Bulldog breeder?

They don’t “vet” you; you can’t see the dogs in person; you can’t meet the puppy’s parents; the puppy is less than 8-10 weeks old; they don’t offer papers; they insist on meeting in public; no website or social media presence; the price seems too good to be true

What are the signs of a reputable French Bulldog breeder?

They “vet” you; they allow you to see where the puppies are raised; they encourage you to meet the puppy’s parents; they have a close relationship with their dogs; they specialize in one or a few breeds; they won’t let you take the puppy home until they’re 8-10 weeks old; they let you tour their premises; they have social media/website & history; their price is not too high or low.

Is it cruel to buy a French Bulldog?

If you buy your Frenchie from a reputable breeder that prioritizes the health of the breed, then no, it is not ‘cruel’ to buy a Frenchie.

You shouldn’t buy from breeders that are unethical & practice habits that are detrimental the breed’s health… there are some people that are purely profit-driven