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English Bulldog Price

The English Bulldog

English Bulldogs were first bred in – you guessed it – England!

Their history dates back to the 5th century and a now-extinct breed known as the Alaunt.

English Bulldogs were initially bred to help butchers control their livestock (horses, cattle, boars, etc.) & to be in bull-baiting.

English Bulldog History

4 Reasons to Love the English Bulldog

  • Loving personalities: these Bullies are no bullies– they’re the biggest lovers you could find!
  • They make great companions: they won’t want to leave your side (can be a bit clingy!)
  • Family-friendly: great with children & strangers
  • Low maintenance: don’t need as much exercise as other breeds

3 Reasons Why English Bulldogs can Be Expensive

  1. Expensive to breed: usually require C-sections & artificial insemination just like Frenchies; it costs thousands to breed healthy English Bulldogs;
  2. Popular: ranked #5 on AKC’s Breed Popularity List
  3. Health Problems: prone to breathing issues like other flat-faced breeds;

How much is an English Bulldog?

Just like Frenchies, English Bulldogs are some of the most expensive dogs around!

With an average price of $2,500 for an English Bulldog,

English Bulldog Price Range

You can expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 and $4,000 for an English Bulldog from a reputable breeder.

English Bulldog Price Chart By Color

ColorPriceRecognized by AKC?
Fawn & Brindle$2,500Yes
Fawn & White$2,500Yes
Fawn Brindle & White$2,500Yes
Red & White$2,500Yes
Red Brindle$2,500Yes
Red Brindle & White$2,500Yes

Some English Bulldogs’ colors are more expensive than others… this is because the genes responsible for these colors can be quite rare & difficult to reproduce.

Where to get an English Bulldog

  1. A breeder: usually the most expensive option; look out for breeder red flags; best option if you’re looking for a purebred English Bulldog with a pedigree
  2. Rescue/Adopt: giving a home to a Bulldog in need is such a rewarding experience; you do need to be careful as all rescue dogs are unique (some may have a traumatic past or have behavior issues); 10 reasons to adopt a pet
  3. Pet store: I wouldn’t recommend buying an English Bulldog at a large pet store; many puppies at pet stores come from puppy mills & be at higher risk for health issues; 10 reasons not to buy puppies from pet stores
  4. In your community: you may have luck checking local Facebook groups or local animal shelters to see if they have any Bulldogs up for adoption

Frequently Asked Questions

How many puppies can an English Bulldog have?

The average English Bulldog litter size is 3-4 puppies– compared to 5-6 puppies being the average for all dog breeds.

The world record for the largest bulldog litter is a staggering 16 puppies!