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French Bulldog Price Guide

Did you know the average cost of a Purebred French Bulldog is between $2,000 – $5,000?!

And the cost of owning a French Bulldog goes beyond the price of the puppy — food, toys, vet appointments, and unexpected health issues… the list goes on and on. (and so does your budget)

But if you’re considering buying a French Bulldog, it’s important to know that you’re getting your money’s worth. While it’s true to an extent that “you get what you pay for”, just because a French Bulldog has a high price tag doesn’t always mean it’s justified.

In this article, we’re going to cover…

French Bulldog Puppy Expenses

Here’s a rough overview of the expenses you can expect when bringing home a French Bulldog puppy.

Expense CategoryPrice Range
Purchase or AdoptionAverage: $3,500
Range: $200 (adoption) – $6,500+
Spaying or NeuteringAverage: $300
Range: $200 – $500
Initial Medical Exam and/or VaccinationsAverage: $175
Range: $70 – $300
MicrochippingAverage: $50
Range: $25 – $50
CrateAverage: $80
Range: $25 – $125
Collars, Leashes, & ID tagsAverage: $40
Range: $20 – $50
Training Classes or BooksAverage: $250
Range: $25 – $300
TotalAverage: $4,400
Range: $565 – $7,825
These are some of the more common expenses but certainly is not exhaustive!

French Bulldog Cost of Ownership

Taking home your puppy is one (expensive) thing… but there’s a whole lot more that goes into the price of a French Bulldog than these one-time expenses.

You’ve got typical ongoing dog ownership costs that are pretty much the same as you’d expect with any other breed.

The real kicker is the possibility of super expensive vet bills popping up if your French Bulldog were to develop a health condition such as hip dysplasia or another condition that requires lots of appointments and/or surgery.

French Bulldog Yearly Expenses

Expense CategoryPrice Range
Food$300 – $600
Toys/Treats$100 – $300
Yearly Vet Exams/Vaccinations$50 – $300
Flea/Tick/Heartworm Prevention$120 – $200
Pet Insurance (optional but can save you lots)$200 – $600
Grooming (few times a year)$120 – $360
Total$890 – $2,360 per year
$10,000 – $23,600 over 10 years
You can expect these expenses every year for your Frenchie’s entire life.

French Bulldog Price Factors

Okay, now that you know roughly what it’ll cost to bring home and own a French Bulldog, let’s look at the factors that weigh into the price of a puppy.

The average price is around $3,500, but you can expect this to vary a bit based on a few factors.

These price factors include…

  • Is it a boy or girl? — Typically female Frenchies will cost more than males due to their ability to breed
  • The breeder — A breeder that has a good reputation will usually charge more for their puppies compared to a smaller, less-known breeder. Also, highly reputable breeders will usually have a longer wait list for their puppies as well
  • Where you live — Depending on where you live, you might find the typical price of a Frenchie puppy is more or less than the average. In major metropolitan areas such as LA, NYC, and Miami, the price is likely to be higher compared to what you’d find in smaller cities or rural towns.
  • Color and pattern — Some colors & patterns have genetics that are quite rare and breeders will typically charge more for these

So the price really depends on where you live, the breeder you’re buying from, the color & pattern of the puppy, and whether they’re a boy or a girl.

Some French Bulldog Colors are More Expensive

Of the 4 factors we mentioned above, the color & pattern of the puppy is the biggest factor for the price.

If you’re looking for a “rare color” like Blue, Merle, or even a Fluffy Frenchie, you can expect to pay much more than you would for a more common color like Brindle or Fawn.

French Bulldog Price Chart by Color

Fawn Brindle$4,500
Blue & Blue Fawn$6,500+
Fluffy Frenchie$12,000+
The rarer the color, the more you’ll have to pay.

So Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?!

So now that you know how much French Bulldogs cost, the question is… WHY and HOW are they so expensive?!

There are 3 main reasons Frenchies cost so much…

  1. They have lots of expensive health problems
  2. They’re expensive to breed
  3. Everybody wants a French Bulldog nowadays

1. French Bulldogs’ health problems can cost you a TON

Unfortunately, French Bulldogs are known for having a ton of health issues.

In fact, many people are turned off from getting a French Bulldog when they find out how much some health issues could cost them.

French Bulldog dogs dressed up with doctor and nurse costume
French Bulldogs need regular checkups at the vet to ensure good health

Not every French Bulldog has health issues

While there is a long list of French Bulldog health issues, that does not mean that your future Frenchie is doomed to suffer from half of the conditions on the list.

A well-bred Frenchie is the best way to lower your chances of having to deal with heartbreaking (and sometimes wallet-breaking) health issues… and pet insurance is another way to ease your worries & save you money when facing unexpected vet bills.

2. Breeding French Bulldogs is super expensive!

Breeding French Bulldogs is no walk in the park… and it’s far from cheap. Did you know the average cost to breed a French Bulldog is roughly $7000?

This is due to their slim hips making it almost impossible for them to reproduce naturally… which means French Bulldogs will require both C-sections and artificial insemination.

A French Bulldog puppy in a basket outside
“Hi, I’m a Frenchie Puppy and I cost more than most Americans make in a month!” (Can you believe that?!)

Not only do their hips make breeding difficult & expensive… but the breeder still has to deal with tons of vet appointments, feeding them high-quality food, and housing. Talk about exhausting!

French Bulldog Breeding Expenses Chart

Artificial insemination$150
Supplies & food$1,000
Puppy incubators$500
Vaccinations & deworming$500
Progesterone testing & shots$150
Health testing$1,000+
Kennel club registration$60
These are just some of the major expenses that all French Bulldog breeders face

Breeding Frenchies is a lot of work!

It requires a lot of time, effort, and money to breed happy and healthy Frenchies. A reputable & responsible French Bulldog breeder can lower the risk of genetic health issues such as deafness, hip dysplasia, respiratory issues, and more!

There’s no other way to put it: breeding French Bulldogs is a full-time job.

Beware of bad breeder red flags & French Bulldog scams! Sometimes it’s worth the little bit of extra money upfront to save yourself the heartache of falling in love with a Frenchie that has a ton of health issues from being bred improperly.

A French Bulldog getting eye drops
French Bulldogs are prone to lots of health issues — they require special care & regular checkups at the vet

3. And who doesn’t want a French Bulldog nowadays…

Did you know that Frenchies were ranked the #1 Most Popular Dog Breed of 2022 by the AKC?

I wouldn’t bet against them for 2023 either! Frenchies just keep getting more and more popular.

And really… what’s not to LOVE about the Frenchie?!

They’re the cutest, funniest, and most entertaining dog in the universe. (try to prove us wrong)

4 Reasons to want a Frenchie

  1. Super friendly — Frenchies love everybody they meet… who doesn’t love Frenchies, too!?
  2. They’re so entertaining — more entertaining than most stuff you’ll find on TV/YouTube!
  3. They’re freakin’ hilarious — French Bulldogs are one of the goofiest dog breeds & their shenanigans will keep you entertained for hours on end.
  4. They can do it all — Want to lay on the couch all day? Go explore the outdoors? So does your Frenchie.
A French Bulldog sleeping on the couch next to its owner
Frenchies are huge couch potatoes and love nothing more than being right by your side!

Can I Find a Cheap French Bulldog?

If you know a French Bulldog is right for you, but you can’t justify spending thousands on a puppy… Trust me, you aren’t alone.

While we don’t recommend anybody go out and spend $25,000 on an overpriced French Bulldog, you also don’t want to find one on Craigslist for $250. French Bulldog breeders have lots of expenses involved in breeding healthy & happy puppies… so you kinda get what you pay for.

Rescuing is a great way to find a French Bulldog for less than a breeder

Not only is adopting a French Bulldog much cheaper than buying one from a breeder, but you’re also giving a home to a French Bulldog in need.

So if you’re looking for a French Bulldog without breaking the bank, adopting is definitely your best bet. You might have to check your local rescue shelters often to find one, but when you do, it’ll be worth all your effort!

So Are French Bulldogs Worth It?

There’s no denying it… French Bulldogs are expensive.

But to a Frenchie lover, they’re worth every penny and more.

There’s nothing cheap about a French Bulldog

To put up with their noisy breathing & smelly farts is one thing… but Frenchies can be a HUGE expense… from buying your puppy to keeping them happy & healthy, there’s nothing “cheap” about owning a French Bulldog (or any dog for that matter).

So with all that taken into consideration, and seeing how crazy the world is for Frenchies…

But all Frenchie owners will agree…

I think it’s safe to say that nearly every French Bulldog owner would agree that “YES, YES, YES”, French Bulldogs are worth every dollar and more!

French Bulldogs aren’t for everybody…

We love Frenchies more than anything… but they’re definitely not for everybody.

You might want to think twice about getting a French Bulldog if…

  • You don’t want to deal with their stinky farts
  • You don’t want to worry about their health issues
  • You want a cheap dog
  • You want a super athletic dog (maybe a Boston Terrier would be more for you)
  • You want a dog that doesn’t shed (Frenchies shed a lot… don’t be fooled by their short coat)
A French Bulldog laying outside on brick next to its owner
Frenchies are some of the best companion dogs you could ever ask for!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rare and expensive French Bulldog colors?

It’s important to note that not every “rare” color is recognized by the AKC and some such as Blue & Merle are associated with certain health issues… and some might have even been mixed with other breeds to get the rare color.

Rare & expensive French Bulldog colors include…

  • Blue: This color comes from a rare dilute gene that turns a French Bulldog’s black fur into a grayish-blue hue. The shade can range from light silvery blue to a deep, almost steel-gray color.
  • Lilac: Lilac French Bulldogs have a unique coat color that appears as a pale silvery gray, usually with a slight pinkish hue, giving them a ‘lilac’ or ‘lavender’ appearance. This color is produced by a combination of the chocolate and blue genes.
  • Merle: The merle gene creates a mottled appearance in a French Bulldog’s coat, with patches of colors mixed in with the base coat. This gives the dog a distinct, multi-colored pattern. It can appear on any color and changes the base color or creates a different pattern.
  • Isabella: An Isabella French Bulldog has a special dilute of the liver (chocolate) color. It is a very light, diluted color that appears as a silvery beige or pale fawn hue.
  • Blue Fawn: A blue fawn French Bulldog has a light tan or fawn base coat with a blue mask and blue tipping on the hairs, which gives the coat a washed-blue appearance.
  • Chocolate: This color results from a recessive gene that gives the French Bulldog a rich, deep brown coat that is often referred to as chocolate.
  • Fawn Brindle: Fawn brindles have a light tan or fawn coat with dark brindle stripes. The intensity and distribution of the brindle pattern can vary widely.
  • Grey & White: These French Bulldogs have a predominantly grey coat with distinct white patches. This pattern is often seen with piebald genetics, where the coat has a significant amount of white along with another color.

Be careful falling in love with one of these colors! Your wallet might not be happy… (but I’m sure you will be!)

A Merle French Bulldog
This is a Merle French Bulldog. Considered to be one of the rarest French Bulldog colors.

What’s the most expensive French Bulldog in the world?

The most expensive French Bulldog in the world is Micro Machine from Brad’s Bullies. He was featured on an episode of GQ’s Most Expensivest with the rapper 2 Chainz.

Micro Machine was priced at a whopping $100,000. (Yes, that’s one hundred thousand US dollars)

What are the most expensive French Bulldog colors?

The most expensive French Bulldog colors are: Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, and Merle.

How much does a French Bulldog cost yearly?

On a yearly basis, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 on your French Bulldog… and maybe even higher if unexpected vet bills come up!


Saturday 12th of November 2022

Thank you for loving a French bulldog. Please refer people to the French Bulldog Club of America; as the breeders are only recognized when they prove loyal to the breed standard. As Frenchie lovers, it’s very important that we maintain the quality of our pups and not fall to fad colors and gimmicks.


Wednesday 30th of November 2022

Hi Ashlee!

Thank you so much for your suggestion. We'll be sure to add references to the French Bulldog Club of America on this page as well as others throughout our site.

You're 100% right that it's important to prioritize the health of Frenchies over their appearance, and it's important that more people are made aware of the risks of such fad colors & irresponsible breeding.