6 Figure Frenchie - Why are French Bulldogs so Expensive?

Find out why French Bulldogs cost so much, what celebrities have Frenchies, as well as some of their health problems.

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last updated May 25, 2018

Why are French Bulldogs so expensive?

What makes French Bulldogs so expensive is that they require artificial insemination and c-sections to reproduce. They also have very slim hips which makes it difficult for them to reproduce naturally.

The average cost to breed a French Bulldog is about $7000. Breeding French Bulldogs is also a full-time job; they require constant attention and care.

You may pay a premium for a well-bred French Bulldog

Unfortunately with this sharp rise in popularity comes with it many greedy, irresponsible breeders and puppy mills. Many inexperienced breeders are often careless, mixing breeds and inbreeding to maximize their profits.

It’s so sad that they have such little regard for the quality-of-life of these Frenchies and will commonly breed dogs that have genetic predispositions to many diseases. These breeders give French Bulldogs a bad rep.

You get what you pay for. Getting your French Bulldog from a reputable breeder can minimize the risk of developing genetic disorders such as deafness, hip dysplasia, respiratory problems, and more.

A severe, chronic illness affecting your Frenchie will most likely cost you more money over their lifetime than it would to spend a little extra to get one from a reputable breeder, not to mention the heartache involved with dealing with a sick pup.

No tests can guarantee that your French Bulldog will be free of any health issues throughout its lifetime though, but they can surely ease your mind when looking for a new puppy.


The average household income in America is $56,516.

Your average Frenchie is $3,000.

Micro Machine is $100,000.

No, it’s not a fancy sports car or anything; he’s a French Bulldog. That’s how much Brad’s Bullies’ Micro Machine costs. Is that kind of a price-tag justified? You decide for yourself.

For a hundred thousand you’ve gotta be driving me somewhere!

2 Chainz

My Frenchie? Priceless.

While $100,000 is much more than the average French Bulldog, they are by no means a cheap breed! The average price of a French Bulldog ranges from ​$1,500 to $8,000.

Where to, Miss? To the Frenchies.

Only the wealthiest, most prominent members of society could afford the luxury of a first-class ticket aboard the Titanic.

One of these passengers, Robert Williams Daniel, a 27-year-old banker from Virginia brought his French Bulldog, Gamin de Pycombe, along for a taste of luxury.

While Gamin was no Micro Machine, he was far from your typical French Bulldog. Robert Daniel reportedly paid £150 for his Frenchie, which is worth around $17,000 today when inflation is taken into account.

When the ship sank on April 15th, 1912, a survivor reportedly saw a French Bulldog swimming in the ocean after the ship sank.

While Robert Williams Daniel survived this accident, sadly his Frenchie did not.

The rise of the Frenchie

french bulldogs together French Bulldogs are quickly rising in popularity, hitting the number 4 spot on the American Kennel Club rankings. They’re even ranked number one in New York City!

What makes Frenchies so great? They’re the perfect companion in my eyes.

They have the sweetest, funniest, and most unique personalities I’ve ever seen. I don’t know about you, but my Frenchie keeps me entertained all day.

They’re also perfect if you live in an apartment as they don’t require that much exercise. Frenchies can lay on the couch all day with you or go out to explore the great outdoors! They always want to be by your side and can’t stand being alone.

What is the most expensive French Bulldog color?

Frenchies come in a variety of different colors and patterns; as expected, the rarer colors such as blue, lilac, and chocolate tend to cost more than your typical colors such as black, fawn, and white.

It’s important to note that these rarer colors are not recognized by the American Kennel Club, but this shouldn’t matter to you unless you plan on showing your dog in competitions.

How much are Purebred French Bulldogs?

A purebred French Bulldog puppy can set you back anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000 dollars.

Be wary of puppies that have a price that is “too good to be true” or one that seems too high. Some breeders may be either trying to get rid of a puppy with health issues that they haven’t mentioned or are marking up the price for “rare” colors.

Why are Purebred French Bulldogs so Expensive?

The high price is due to all the expenses needed for breeding a French Bulldog. To breed, they require artificial insemination and c-sections to give birth which costs breeders anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000.

You know that saying “you get what you pay for”? That certainly holds true when looking for a French Bulldog puppy; a high-quality, reputable breeder will conduct many tests to ensure your puppy is free of any preventable genetic health problems.

Celebrities with French Bulldogs

The Rock and his Frenchies, Hobbs & Brutus

Dwayne Johnson, more commonly known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, producers, and semi-retired professional wrestler. You may have seen him in movies such as The Fast and The Furious franchise or in the more recent HBO drama Ballers.

The Rock also is the parent of two French Bulldogs! Unfortunately, Brutus passed away after eating a toxic mushroom in 2015, but the actor still has much love for Frenchies.

Madonna and her Frenchie, Gypsy Rosa

Madonna is one of the biggest names in pop music, frequently referred to as the _Queen of Pop _since the 1980s. She is in the Rolling Stone’s top 100 Greatest Artists of All Time and the 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time.

Her Frenchie, Gypsy, is absolutely adorable!

Lady Gaga and her Frenchie, Koji

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known by her stage name, Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. I’m sure you’ve probably heard Lady Gaga’s songs on the radio at some point! She’s best known for her hit singles, “Bad Romance”, “Poker Face”, and “Just Dance”.

She also loves her Frenchies! She has a few little piggies herself.

Common French Bulldog Health Issues

French Bulldogs are notorious for their health issues. Many people are turned off from the breed when they find out all the possible health problems they could have. It’s true that these can be very expensive, but with pet insurance, you should be able to ease those worries.

  • Deafness

    • Deafness is detectable in the early stages of a puppy’s life.
    • Veterinarians can perform a test known as the BAER test to detect deafness in French Bulldogs.
  • Hip Dysplasia

    • This is an injury that prevents the hip from functioning properly.
    • It is when the ball of the joint no longer is in the socket of the pelvis.
    • Keeping your French Bulldog a healthy weight** can reduce the likelihood** of hip dysplasia.
  • Cherry eye

    • This is when the tear gland protrudes from behind the third eyelid.

      • The third eyelid is meant to protect dogs’ eyes.
    • Not painful
    • Commonly treated with surgery
  • Breathing issues

    • Due to their flat faces, French Bulldogs commonly snort and snore.
    • Those with severe breathing issues may cough, gag, and vomit.
  • Extreme heat and cold intolerance

    • Due to their inability to properly regulate their body temperature, French Bulldog owners must be careful in hot and cold climates.

    • French Bulldogs have to work twice as hard to cool themselves down.

    • If you live in a hot area, consider getting a small kiddie pool to help them cool down in the summertime.

    • When it’s especially cold out, put a sweater on your Frenchie! Seriously! My Frenchie starts to shiver when it’s too cold out for her!

Those are just a few of the many possible health issues that affect many French Bulldogs. Not every Frenchie is certain to develop these issues, but it’s certainly something to be aware of.

Consider Investing in Pet Insurance

If you are worried about the possibility of serious health issues, pet insurance is a great investment!

There are different types of policies that can fit your specific needs

Accident-Only Policies

This is generally the cheapest option available. It will only cover emergency illnesses and accidents.

Time-Limited Policies

This policy pays out a maximum amount per condition, meaning if your Frenchie is suffering from allergies, you’ll be covered for a year or until you hit your maximum payout.

This option is also one of the cheaper policies available.

Maximum Benefit Policies

As the name implies, this policy has you covered up to a maximum amount. There is no time limit on how long you can make a claim for, however, when you reach your maximum payout, you won’t be able to make any more claims.

Keep in mind, this policy may not provide complete coverage for ongoing illnesses.

Lifetime Policies

This is the most comprehensive and expensive policy available and will offer you the most peace-of-mind.

Your Frenchie would be covered throughout its lifetime and you’d have a set amount of coverage that you can claim annually. If you use up your coverage, it’ll renew the following year.

If you are looking for a policy to cover your Frenchie from any genetic disorders, look no further, a lifetime policy will have your back.

So are Frenchies it worth it?

You may be wondering how such a high price tag is justified for “just a dog”. If you’re looking for a new companion that will have you laughing and entertained all day, look no further!

You don’t need to pay $100,000 for a Micro Machine either; there are many French Bulldogs that need to be rescued all over the world! Just look around your area and I’m sure you’ll be able to find the Frenchie for you!

For us French Bulldog owners, it’s certainly worth it! Just make sure you do plenty research on the breed to make sure it’s the right choice for you and your family!

Frenchies aren’t for everyone, but for some of us, there’s no better breed.

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