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Pug Price

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Pug Dog Price

Pug dog prices ranges vary depending on market demand from region to region.

Also, the out breeders influence the price of these dogs significantly and prices vary from breeder to breeder.

So, if you’re considering getting a Pug dog isn’t sure where to start, this article will point you in the right direction.

What is the cost of a Pug dog?

Pugs may not be the most expensive and also, they aren’t cheap.

So, you can find some for under $1,000.

If you consider buying from a reputable breeder, the price ranges between $1,500 and $3,000. The price can also be higher depending on the breeding conditions, age, color, etc.

What is the price of a male Pug puppy?

If you’re opting for a male Pug puppy from registered parents, the price range lies between $1,200 and $2,500.

Additionally, the price can go up to $5,000 depending on the breeder and the pup’s lineage.

What is the lowest price of a Pug puppy?

On average, the price of a Pug puppy goes between $1,800 and $6,000.

But the lowest price can be $1,500.

Also, the reputation of the Pug breeder and age is a factor.

Note, the prices range from breeder to breeder.

Why is a Pug dog so expensive?

The primary reason behind this is due to high market demand.

In addition, the Pugs are a high-maintenance breed.

Also, they are considered cute and fancy to have.

Compared to other breeds whose litter size lies between 8-10, Pug’s litter size consists of a maximum of 3 puppies.

How Much Do Pugs Cost in Mexico?

Like many regions, Mexican Pug dog cost ranges from $1,000 and $3,000 for average ones.

However, prices are high for those with superior lineages and pure breeds.

How Much Is a Pug in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, different Pug breeders from different parts of the country have varying prices.

However, the average price is slightly consistent compared to in the US. Below are some of the Pug prices and descriptions.

  • A purebred 1.5 Pug male fawned with a wrinkled face and a black mask goes for PHP13,000.
  • A purely black female Pug without papers aged between 6- and 12-months costs PHP8,000.
  • A 5months female pure breed Pug with light fawn and PCCI pedigree fawn costs PHP17,000.

Note that, in the Philippines, the lowest amount you can get for a Pug is between PHP8,000 and PHP10,000.

Plus, you can also negotiate the price with some breeders.

How Much Is a Pug at Peel?

The price ranges are different in the peel region as a Pug can cost between $1,800 and $2,500.

It’s is because of age difference and breeder.

How Much Does A Purebred Pug Cost?

A purebred Pug costs between $1,200 and $2,500.

This cost range is almost similar to any typical Pug.

Factors affecting the price are solely dependent on location (breeding conditions) and the dog’s pedigree.

How much does a Pug dog cost and why

According to research by NextDayPets, the median average price of a Pug is $1,247.50.

And depending on a Pug’s pedigree, especially those from superior lineage, their costs range between $2,500 up to $10,000.

Also, they can cost more than $10,000 depending on various factors such as health.

How Much Do Pugs Cost in California?

In California, the cost of Pugs constantly fluctuates due to market demands.

But on average, a typical purebred Pug costs around $1,000.

However, expect to pay anywhere in between $5,000 and $6,000 for those with pedigree or ones designated for shows.

What Is the Cost of a Baby Pug in India?

The cost of a typical puppy Pug in India lies between 5,000Rs and 20,000Rs.

However, the average price ranges from 10,000Rs and 12,000Rs.

That significant range is dependent on several factors including the puppy’s lineage.

Alternatively, you can get a Pug from a Rescue shelter for approximately $150.

How Much Do Pugs Cost in Australia?

For a typical Pug in Australia, expect to pay between $600 and $1,500.

Keep in mind that these prices also fluctuate from time to time.

But, for a Pug with superior lineage, the price ranges from $1,900 and $6,000 with the main determinant factor being pedigree.

How Much Money Is an Average Pug?

As pointed out earlier, an average Pug costs between $1,200 and $2500.

But the prices range with regional market demands.

For example, areas with high market supply may fetch lower prices than regions with high market demands.

Brindle Pug Price

Brindle Pug puppies costs between $800 and $2,000.

However, the adult brindle Pugs fetch a similar price to an ordinary Pug.

Note the difference between these Pugs and others is the color of their coat.

You should be watched full of some breeders who might pass off a cross-bred brindle for a pure breed to charge you more.

White Pug Price

White Pugs are very rare to find and due to this, the market demand is high making them very expensive.

Regular white Pugs can cost between $1,500 and $6,000.

However, the albino breed is rarer to find than a typical white Pug and their market value can go up to $19,000.

But buying an albino Pug means additional expenses associated with medical and nutritional needs.

Black Pug Price

Compared to the colored breed the black Pugs are among the cheapest variations. So, a black Pug can go for between $500 and $800. Plus, they require low maintenance costs as they don’t require much attention than the colored ones.

Factors In Pug Cost


Purebred Pugs are considered to be those with 3+ purebred ancestors.

And that’s is why they are more expensive than the crossbreed or other typical Pugs. Note, purebred Pugs might be expensive but are also demanding.

AKC official

AKC ie, American Kennel Club is examining Pugs every year and provides a certification for each. Some the factors they check for in these dogs include;

• If the dog is purebred

• The ancestral history

• Genetic composition


Conclusively, buying a Pug dog is one thing and maintenance is something else entirely.

So, you have to be sure of the right breed to buy who’s needs you’ll effortlessly meet.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford a Pug dog, you should check in your local animal shelter as there are many of them seeking a new home and care and love.