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French Bulldog Chinese Crested Mix

Everything about the Chinese Crested Frenchie

The French Bulldog Chinese Crested mix, also known as the Chinese Crested Frenchie, is the punk rocker of the canine world!

It has an extremely striking appearance that is usually hairless with adorable tufts of hair on its head.

The Chinese Crested Frenchie is a friendly, loving and intelligent breed that makes a wonderful family pet and is also suitable for older owners who are looking for a low-maintenance companion dog.

Origins of the Chinese Crested Frenchie

Chinese Crested Origins

The Chinese Crested is originally thought to have been either a Xolotizcuintle or an African Hairless dog that was brought on board Chinese merchant ships sometime in the 14th Century. The hairless dogs were used to catch rats on board the ships and because they had no fur they never got fleas while out at sea.

Frenchie Origins

French Bulldogs first became popular among the elite in Paris as a lapdog in the 18th Century. The French Bulldog was created by breeding Toy Bulldogs that had been imported from England with local French ratting dogs. The result was the beloved French Bulldog!

What happens when you mix ’em?

When the two breeds are mixed the hairless characteristics of the Chinese Crested tends to be a dominant trait so the resulting dog is also almost completely hairless; usually with a tuft of fur on its head and thin, silky fur on its body.

Other theories

An alternative theory for the origin of the breed is that they could have originated from a kennel in the USA that crossed a Mexican Hairless dog with a Maltese.


This gorgeous lap dog is cute, eccentric and quirky with a mainly hairless body, a few tufts of hair on its head and big loving eyes. The French Bulldog Chinese Crested mix is a small dog that weighs between 10 to 12 pounds and stands at just 12 to 14 inches tall at its shoulder.

A Chinese Crested Frenchie is:

  • Small
  • Long tail
  • Pointy ears
  • Tufts of hair on its head
  • Not as much hair as a Frenchie
  • Big, adorable eyes (just like Frenchies!)

What a Chinese Crested Frenchie looks like

They are usually hairless (with some hair on their face) although when they do have fur the hybrids tend to be gray, black, cream or fawn. When they do have fur it’s usually fairly sparse and is not as dense as the French Bulldog’s coat.

They have a short, snub nose and sometimes have the ‘butterfly’ ears of a French Bulldog, smaller rounded ears or, occasionally, longer floppy ears.

All Mixed Dogs are Unique

As with most hybrids, there is a lot of variation in the appearance of a puppy that is partly the result of chance; primarily depending on which of its parents’ genetic traits were most dominant.

Temperament & Personality

These loving dogs are fun and playful but do need proper socialization and training when they are young.

With the right training they won’t be aggressive or nippy but they can still be a little wary of strangers.

This means that if someone that they don’t recognise comes to your front door they’ll bark to let you know.

Chinese Crested Frenchie Personality Traits

The French Bulldog Chinese Crested is an affectionate breed that makes a loyal family pet and is safe to be around children.

Chinese Crested Frenchies are:

  • Friendly
  • Affectionate
  • Alert & Lively
  • Playful & Happy

Chinese Crested Frenchies also:

Exercise Needs / Activity Level

Chinese Crested dogs are very agile little animals who were bred to scamper around ships catching rats. French Bulldogs on the other hand, are not well known for their agility and tend to be much more sedentary. 

This means that the resulting hybrid breed is somewhere in between the two; displaying more energy and agility than the Frenchie while still requiring relatively lower levels of exercise than a Chinese Crested.

Generally speaking, your French Bulldog Chinese Crested should have around 30 to 60 minutes of mild to moderate exercise each day.

This means that a walk around the park in the evening is plenty to keep them fit and healthy.

Health Problems

While Chinese Crested aren’t notorious for health problems like Frenchies are, they still are part-Frenchie and prone to some of the same problems.

Chinese Crested Frenchies are prone to developing:

  • Luxating Patella— This is a problem that affects the kneecap. The condition causes the kneecap to shift out of place and can cause temporary lameness.
  • Hip Dysplasia— Resulting in painful hips and difficulties in walking, hip dysplasia is a common health issue for this breed.
  • Bleeding Problems— Chinese Crested dogs can have a missing clot factor and platelet disorders which can lead to problems with bleeding. This trait can be passed onto French Bulldog Chinese Crested hybrid puppies.
  • Dry Eye— This happens because the dog’s eye doesn’t produce enough tears or lubrication and so they can get sore, red and dry.
  • Corneal Ulcers— Although these are more common in French Bulldogs, mixes can also be susceptible to the condition. The tendency to suffer from corneal ulcers is dependent on how much the dog’s eyes protrude. Eyes that protrude more may get injured which can lead to painful ulcers developing.
  • Collapsing Trachea— This causes a weakening of the dog’s windpipe and can lead to difficulties breathing.
  • Allergies— The French Bulldog Chinese Crested breed can suffer from skin allergies as well as allergies that affect the dog’s breathing.
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Health Comparison

BreedHealth Problems
French BulldogHigh
Chinese CrestedLow
French Bulldog Chinese Crested MixMedium

Life Expectancy

French Bulldogs tend to live for between 10 to 12 years although some live on to be 15 or older! Chinese Crested dogs live for between 12 to 15 years.

When the breeds are crossed their offspring can be expected to live for between 10 to 14 years, depending on their overall health and other genetic factors.

Lifespan Comparison

French Bulldog10-12+ years
Chinese Crested12-15 years
French Bulldog Chinese Crested Mix10-14 years


While Chinese Crested dogs don’t shed a lot, the French Bulldog is a huge shedder!

Most Chinese Crested Frenchies are partially hairless while some are even bald. This means that you shouldn’t have any major problems with shedding.

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The unusual mixed breed often has tufts of fur on their faces and heads which grow to a medium length.

Once again though, you shouldn’t worry about excessive shedding with this breed.

Shedding Comparison

BreedShedding Level
French BulldogHigh
Chinese CrestedLow
French Bulldog Chinese Crested MixMedium


If you buy a Chinese Crested dog from a breeder you’ll have to pay between $1,200 and $2,500 per puppy. 

A Frenchie usually will cost you $3,000— but price will vary depending on color, location, and breeder.

Price Comparison

French Bulldog$3,000+
Chinese Crested$1,200 – $2,500
French Bulldog Chinese Crested Mix$1,500 – $2,500

If you buy a French Bulldog Chinese Crested puppy from a breeder you should expect to pay between $1,500 and $2,500 per puppy.

Prices will vary depending on the somewhat unpredictable characteristics of the particular litter.

In general, a purebred Frenchie from a reputable breeder will be more expensive than a mix, such as the Chinese Crested Frenchie. Similarly, a purebred Chinese Crested will also usually be more expensive than a cross breed.


These charming lap dogs are fun loving, playful, affectionate and loyal. They make great family pets and have a relatively long lifespan. Chinese Crested Frenchies are low maintenance in terms of shedding and their exercise needs.

They have huge personalities and with their unusual looks you can be sure that they’ll be turning heads on your walks together!