Mini French Bulldogs

Digital Illustration of a French Bulldog

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What are Mini French Bulldogs

I personally would consider Frenchies to be “small/medium” dogs…

But a Mini Frenchie?! Now that’s a tiny dog.

Just look how tiny they are

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Not only are Mini Frenchies absolutely adorable, but they’re also quite rare.

Mini Frenchie Overview

Weight5-14 lbs
Heightless than 13 inches
Life Expectancy12+ years
Recognized by AKC?No

How big do full-grown Mini Frenchies get?

A full-grown Mini Frenchie should grow to weigh no more than 14 lbs & be shorter than 13 inches in height.

Every Frenchie is unique– some will be smaller & bigger than others; regardless, a Mini Frenchie will be clearly smaller than a normal Frenchie

What colors do Mini Frenchies come in?

Frenchies come in a ton of different colors– some Frenchie’s coats will be a mix of two or more colors with different patterns.

1. Fawn
2. Cream
3. Brindle
4. Fawn brindle
5. Black
6. White
7. Lilac
8. Chocolate
9. Blue & Blue fawn
10. Merle
11. Isabella
12. Platinum

If you’re interested in all the different colors Frenchies come in, make sure you check out our comprehensive Frenchie Color Guide.

How are Mini Frenchies bred?

  1. Cross-Breeding– when another breed is bred with a Frenchie
  2. Introducing dwarfismdwarfism is an inheritable disease that causes a lack of growth hormone
  3. Breeding small Frenchies– Mini Frenchies can be bred by breeding two runts (the smallest dogs from the litter)

The 3 Techniques used to Breed Mini Frenchies

1. Cross-Breeding

Crossbreeding is when two different breeds are bred together to create a hybrid of the two breeds.

You may have heard of a Frenchton before– this is a cross between a French Bulldog & Boston Terrier

Breeds created with cross-breeding have been called designer dogs, recognizable by their portmantua of the two breeds mixed together– for example: Frenchton.

2. Introducing dwarfism

Dwarfism is an inheritable disease that causes a lack of growth hormone.

By introducing dogs that carry the gene for dwarfism into the gene pool, you are able to breed Mini Frenchies.

Dogs with dwarfism suffer from a slew of health issues. on top of all the Frenchie health issues. For this reason, this method of breeding mini dogs is frowned upon.

3. Breeding small Frenchies

Another technique used by breeders to create Mini Frenchies is simply breeding two small Frenchies together.

Typically a breeder will take two runts from different litters and breed them together– this process is repeated until the desired aesthetics are achieved.

What else are Mini Frenchies called

Just like some people call soda pop, others call it a coke– some people call a Mini Frenchie a Micro Frenchie.

  • Mini Frenchies
  • Micro Frenchies
  • Teacup Frenchies
  • Dwarf Frenchies

How much are Mini Frenchies?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $3,500 to $8,500 for a Mini Frenchie.

All Frenchies are expensive– this is mostly due to how expensive it is to breed them & they’re high in demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mini Frenchies recognized by the AKC?

No, Mini-French Bulldogs are not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

This means that you are not able to register your Mini Frenchie with the AKC.

Mini Frenchies aren’t alone in not being recognized by the AKC– non-standard colors such as blue, lilac, merle, and others are not recognized as well!

I wouldn’t worry too much about AKC recognition… my Frenchie is a blue fawn and wouldn’t be eligible.

Can I Rescue a Mini Frenchie?

Rescuing a Mini Frenchie is a great way to give a dog in need of a home a loving family.

With that being said, finding a Mini Frenchie available for adoption is extremely hard– they’re highly rare & always in demand.

How long should I wait to neuter my Mini French Bulldog?

Is it ethical to breed Mini Frenchies?

No, especially depending on the way that they’re bred. Most are bred with no regard for the dogs’ health.

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