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White French Bulldogs

What is the White color?

While you may think the White color is pretty self-explanatory— there’s more than meets the eye

Did you know that White Frenchies are more prone to deafness than other colors?

White is officially recognized as a French Bulldog color by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Read on to learn…

  • Prices— how much White Frenchies cost & how it compares to the average Frenchie
  • Coat variations— there are a few variations of White Frenchies out there!
  • Health problems— why White Frenchies are more prone to deafness compared to other colors
  • What White Frenchies look like— we’ve compiled a list of the cutest White Frenchies you’ll ever see!

There are a total of 6 color variations with white that are recognized by the AKC.

White Frenchie Variations

  • White— a mainly White coat; it may have spots of Black throughout or have a black snout (also known as a “Black Mask”)
  • Platinum— a term used to describe a 100% pure white coat; it’s a type of coat with absolutely no pigmentation
  • White & Fawn— a predominantly White coat with some spots of Fawn throughout their coat; the shade of Fawn can vary Frenchie-to-Frenchie
  • White & Brindle— a predominantly White coat with some spots of Brindle

Other variations that contain White

  • Brindle & White— a mainly Brindle coat with spots of white throughout it
  • Fawn Brindle & White— a tri-colored coat that has spots of Fawn, Brindle, and White throughout it
  • White & Fawn— a predominantly White coat with some spots of Fawn throughout their coat

How much is a White French Bulldog?

The average cost of an all-white French Bulldog is $5,500.

Frenchies with pure-white coats will cost more than those with spots of other colors such as black throughout their coat.

What White Frenchies look like

While you may think that all White Frenchies look the same— this is not the case.

As mentioned earlier, there are a few different variations of White French Bulldogs, with some having colors such as Fawn or Black throughout their coat.

The Role of Color in Hearing

You may be wondering how the color of the coat could affect hearing.

A lack of pigment cells

The reason for this is that these genes are associated with a lack of pigment cells which give the appearance of their coats.

This affects the small hairs in the ear

There are small hairs in the inner ear that are called cilia, and when there is an extreme lack of pigment cells, the cilia may not develop properly, resulting in deafness.

Hearing tests can rule out deafness

If you are interested in a predominantly white French Bulldog or are just concerned about the possibility of your new puppy being deaf, be sure to ask your breeder about performing a BAER test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a White French Bulldog?

The average cost of a White Frenchie is $5,500. Price can vary depending on your location, the breeder, and if any genetic testing has been done to rule out deafness.

Are White French Bulldogs rare?

A 100% White French Bulldog is quite rare! Most White Frenchies have spots of other colors throughout their coat or have a black snout (also known as a “black mask” pattern).

What is a Platinum French Bulldog?

A Platinum French Bulldog is a Frenchie that has a 100% White Coat— this means there are absolutely no other colors on their coat.

Platinum Frenchies get their coat’s appearance through a complete lack of pigmentation.