Best Treats for French Bulldogs

A French Bulldog next to a bowl of crackers and cup of coffee

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Finding the perfect treat is tough

Keeping up with your Frenchie’s treat needs can get tiring.

There’s just so many treats to choose from! Have you seen your pet store’s treat aisle recently?!

What makes a good French Bulldog treat?

  1. High-quality, organic, whole ingredients
  2. Doesn’t upset your Frenchie’s stomach
  3. Odor-free (or at least don’t stink like crazy!)

How do you find a treat that meets all these criteria?! The shelves are full of low quality treats that are no-good for our Frenchies.

Leave the trial-and-error to us, and focus on what matters most — keeping your Frenchie happy.

1. Himalayan Cheese Stick

The Himalayan Dog Chew from Himalayan Pet Supply draws inspiration from an ancient Himalayan hard cheese snack recipe– they pretty much ate a snack similar to this treat.

With no preservatives or binding agents, you can rest assured that this snack is human-grade (feel free to try it yourself!).

Hard Cheese Snack
Himalayan Pet Supply Dog Treats
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What is in a Himalayan Cheese Stick?

There’s not much in these treats! Just a few special ingredients.

  • Yak & cow milk
  • Salt
  • Lime juice

2. Bully Sticks

A bully stick is a simple chew stick for your Frenchie made from one nasty ingredient– bull penis.

Yes, believe it or not, these sticks are actually made from dehydrated bull penis which gives them that awful stench.

Fortunately, some bully sticks have less of an odor than others due to how they were processed, however, none will be completely odor-free.

Are bully sticks safe for French Bulldogs?

Yes, however, you must be careful with the bully stick when it starts to get short.

While some other dog breeds may be able to eat the whole bully stick with ease, I worry about my Frenchie choking on it when it gets too small.

I recommend taking away their bully stick when it’s smaller than 3-4 inches.

3. Bones

When it comes to Frenchies & Bones, my experience has been hit or miss.

I know many Frenchies that can tolerate bones fine— but my Frenchie gags/chokes every time she chews on a bone.

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Your mileage may vary, but I’ve found bully sticks to be much better than Bones for my Frenchie.

4. Natural Chews

5. Small Treats for Training

When training your Frenchie, you are going to need a small & tasty treat that doesn’t have too many calories.

My Frenchie's Favorite
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Are Bully Sticks Good for French Bulldogs?

Yes! Bully sticks are a healthy & safe treat for Frenchies of all ages.