5 Best Bully Sticks for Frenchies

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What are bully sticks?

Have you heard of bully sticks? Well, if you haven’t, ask your Frenchie. I’m sure they’ve heard of em.

Bully sticks are a tasty dog treat that’ll keep your Frenchie busy for hours.

Benefits of bully sticks

Believe it or not, these tasty treats actually have many benefits to chewing them!

  • Donโ€™t splinter
  • High in protein
  • Free of any artificial additives
  • Great source of amino acids โ€“ supports brain, body, and coat
  • Cleans teeth โ€“ scrapes away plague and other buildup
  • Long shelf life
  • Keep your Frenchie mentally stimulated

5 of the Best Bully Sticks for Frenchies

For Frenchies, you’re going to want a Bully Stick that is at least 12″ long.

The 6-inch Bully Sticks are way too small for your Frenchie to chew for more than a few minutes!

Bully Stick# of SticksPrice per Stick
Fantastic Dog Chews Bully Stick5-6+ (varies)$3.75
Bones & Chews Bully Stick10$4.10
Braided Bully Sticks2$8.85
Redbarn Bully Sticks2$10.10
Chewy Louie Bully Stick1$9.50

1. Bones & Chews Bully Stick 12″ Dog Treats

These 12″ bully sticks from Bones & Chews are the best value bully sticks on Chewy at $4.10 per bully stick.

Best Value
Bones & Chews Bully Stick (10 count)

Best value: cost about $4.10 per bully stick

10 pack of 12โ€ณ bully sticks

Single-ingredient: grass-fed beef

Buy Now on Chewy

2. Bully Sticks Braided 12″ Dog Treats, 2 count

Bully Sticks Braided 12" Dog Treats, 2 count

Braided bully sticks

Cost about $8.85 per bully stick

Last longer than normal bully sticks

Single-ingredient: grass-fed beef

Buy Now on Chewy

3. Fantastic Dog Chews 12″ Bully Sticks Dog Chews

If you’re looking to switch it up from a bully stick, you should try out these grass-fed Beef Tracheas! They’re an incredible value at only $3.09 per treat.

Fun Alternative
Best Bully Sticks 12" Beef Trachea Dog Treat, 12 count

Great value: $3.09 per treat

100% free-range & grass-fed beef

Healthy & highly digestible

Cleans your Frenchie's gums & teeth

Buy Now on Chewy

4. Redbarn Bully Sticks 12″ Dog Treats

Grass-Fed Beef
Redbarn Bully Sticks 12" Dog Treats

Costs about $10.10 per bully stick

Single-ingredient: grass-fed beef

Buy Now on Chewy

5. Chewy Louie 12″ Bully Stick Dog Treat, 1 count

Chewy Louie 12" Bully Stick Dog Treat, 1 count

Costs about $9.50 per bully stick

Single-ingredient: grass-fed beef

Tasty: slow-roasted in natural juices

Buy Now on Chewy

Are bully sticks safe?


They’re made from a single animal byproduct (beef muscle) which is completely safe for your Frenchie to consume.

Make sure you take away their Bully Stick when it gets small!

I like to take away my Frenchie’s Bully Stick when it’s ~4 inches or smaller

What size bully stick is best for a Frenchie?

A 12-inch bully stick is the minimum I’d ever buy for my Frenchie.

The 6″ bully sticks are already small enough I’d have to take it away in 5-10 minutes!

Be careful handling bully sticks!

Bully sticks can contain some nasty bacteria!

While your Frenchie is fine to eat bully sticks all day, you will want to make sure you wash your hands after touching a bully stick.

Bully Stick Negatives

They stink

As you can imagine, being made of bull penis, some of these bully stinks can be absolutely rancid.

Yes, that’s rightโ€ฆ They’re made from bull penis! How gross?!

The better bully sticks have undergone a longer drying process which alleviates the odor to an extent. Trust me, youโ€™ll know if they havenโ€™t been dried long enough (eww).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bully stick made of?

They’re made from a single animal byproduct (beef muscle) which is completely safe for your Frenchie to consume.

Why bully sticks are better than rawhide

  • Easier to digest
  • Tastier
  • Rawhide is a high risk for intestinal blockage

With all these benefits, it almost sounds too good to be trueโ€ฆ which brings us to our next point: their odor.

When to take bully stick away?

I like to take my Frenchie’s bully stick away when it’s around 4″ or shorter.

What to do with bully stick ends/nubs/bits?

Personally, I would just throw them away. They’re not safe when they’re that small and I find them a bit gross.

What bully sticks don’t stink!?

In my experience, the bully sticks that say they’re odorless aren’t always odorless.

With that being said, the bully sticks above are generally considered to be a lot less stinky than some you may find.

Types of Bully Sticks

Bully sticks come in a whole bunch of shapes and sizesโ€ฆ

Do Bully Sticks stink?

Even bully sticks that claim to be odorless can have an awful stench. Fortunately, there are a few brands of bully sticks we’ve found to be easier on the nose.

Are Bully Sticks safe for French Bulldogs?

Yes, Bully Sticks are a safe & healthy treat for Frenchies of all sizes… you just want to make sure you take it away when it gets small enough for them to choke on! (I usually throw away a bully stick that is 3-4 inches in length)

How many calories are in a Bully Stick?

A 12-inch bully stick contains anywhere from Bully Sticks contain anywhere from 100-250 calories.

This is based on there being 8-22 calories per inch of a bully stick.

How long should I let my Frenchie chew on a bully stick?

I usually let my Frenchie chew her bully stick for 30-60 minutes before I take it away.

How long does a bully stick last?

It really depends on the bully stickโ€“ most last a few hours of chewing in my experience.

Why are Bully Sticks better than Rawhide?

Bully Sticks are safer, tastier, and easier for Frenchies to digest than Rawhide. The only drawback is that some Bully Sticks can stink… learn more about what Bully Sticks are odorless!

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