French Bulldog Nose Butters

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Frenchies are notorious for their health issues — some are more serious while other are more of a pesky annoyance — among these annoyances are a dry & crusty nose.

The most common cause of a dry & crusty nose is hyperkeratosis. (an overproduction of keratin)

The best way to soothe your Frenchie’s nose is with a topical nose balm/butter. These 7 nose balms will surely keep your Frenchie’s snout nice & healthy.

  1. Project Paws Nature's Butter Dog Snout Balm
  2. Project Paws Nature's Butter Dog Snout Balm
    • Moisturize & soothe dry nose
    • Works quickly
    • Unscented to avoid any irritation
    • Made in the USA (Minnesota)

    Soothe your Frenchie's nose with this all-natural & unscented nose butter.

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  3. Eye Envy One the Nose Therapy Balm
  4. Eye Envy One the Nose Therapy Balm
    • Easier to apply (like a stick of chapstick)
    • Protects from the sun
    • Soothes nose in days

    Don't want to bother putting the nose butter on your finger or a Q-tip?

    Then you need a nose balm that comes in a stick like this.

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How to use a nose balm/butter

Step 1. Get your Frenchie

In my experience, this is the toughest part… once my Frenchie knows that I’m trying to put the nose balm on her (she can smell it I guess), she will run for the hills!

If your Frenchie runs away from the nose butters like mine, my advice would be to get them into a room & close the door— then use a bully stick or toy to distract them as you apply it to their nose.

These nose balms all smell great & help their noses to feel better— I have no idea why my Frenchie hates them so much… (my Frenchie is just weird, most Frenchies don’t mind)

Step 2. Apply to their nose

This is pretty straight forward. For most nose butters, you’ll want to put a little bit on your finger or a Q-tip and then apply it directly to their nose.

Some nose butters come in a stick form factor that you might find more convenient than the other ones such as this one:

How much should I use?

When it comes to how much nose butter to use, you definitely don’t want to go overboard. Less is more. You don’t want your Frenchie to just lick it all off.

I use a small amount of nose balm… not even enough to cover half of my fingertip… It’s comparable to the size of a pea or two.

Step 3. Try to prevent them from licking it off

If your Frenchie just licks off the nose balm immediately, it’s not going to work as well as it could!

After applying the nose balm, try to distract them by playing with some toys or give them a bully stick.

Step 4. Repeat

This isn’t a one-and-done solution! Fixing your Frenchie’s dry nose unfortunately requires consistent use of these nose balms. Good news: they do work!

How often should I use a nose balm/butter?

This really depends on the severity of your Frenchie’s dry nose…

But for example, let’s say your Frenchie is having some cute pictures taken a week from now— what do you do?!

For the quickest results, you’ll initially want to apply it 2-3x per day. Once their nose starts to heal, you can apply it less frequently.

You’ll need to experiment a bit — your Frenchie could need to use it daily or just 1-2x a week — find what works for your Frenchie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Frenchie have a dry & crusty nose?

There are a few causes of a dry/crusty nose: allergies, dehydration, environment, older age, sleeping too much, sunburn, and medical conditions.

How long does it take for my Frenchie’s dry nose to go away?

When using the right product, improvements in your Frenchie’s dry nose can be seen within just a few days!

What is the most common cause of Dry Nose in Frenchies?

The most common cause of a dry & crusty nose is hyperkeratosis— a disorder that causes an overproduction of keratin.