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English Bulldog Colors  

English Bulldog Colors

English Bulldogs come in many different colors & markings… some consist of one color, while some others might have 2 to 3 colors!

But not all colors are equal— some are recognized by the AKC & some are not; other colors might be prone to certain health issues, and some might cost much more than others.

English Bulldog Price Chart By Color

The average price of an English Bulldog is $2,500… but some colors can be even pricier!

ColorPriceRecognized by AKC?
Fawn & Brindle$2,500Yes
Fawn & White$2,500Yes
Fawn Brindle & White$2,500Yes
Red & White$2,500Yes
Red Brindle$2,500Yes
Red Brindle & White$2,500Yes

Prices vary based on color

Obviously, prices will vary based on color— this is due to their intrinsic rarity & difficulty to breed.

Do your research & understand the average price of an English Bulldog— this way, you do not overpay for your new puppy.

The Merle-colored English Bulldogs are the most expensive of the bunch… Merle English Bulldogs can sell for as much as $10,000!

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English Bulldog Colors

Red English Bulldog

Red English Bulldogs display a rich, warm, and vibrant color, ranging from a deep, rustic red to a lighter, coppery shade.

Their coat may be solid, or it could come with patches of white.

This color variant often displays a mask around the eyes and muzzle, which is usually a darker shade of red or even black. The overall impression of a red English Bulldog is striking and exudes a sense of strength and nobility.

What Red English Bulldogs Look Like

A Red English Bulldog with White Spots
A Red English Bulldog with a few spots of white

Fawn English Bulldog

Fawn English Bulldogs have a coat color that is lighter than red, often resembling a pale, tan-like color similar to that of a young deer, hence the name “fawn”.

Some Fawn Bulldogs may have a solid coat, while others may have white markings or a slight brindle pattern.

Fawn Bulldogs often present a softer, more gentle look compared to their red counterparts. This color is highly desirable among enthusiasts for its elegance and subtlety.

What Fawn English Bulldogs Look Like

A Fawn & White English Bulldog
A Fawn English Bulldog. As you can see, Fawn is similar but a bit lighter than Red.

Brindle English Bulldog

Brindle English Bulldogs showcase a patterned coat, which is often a mix of dark and light strands resulting in a tiger-stripe or patchwork kind of look.

The primary color may range from a light color to red or fawn, with darker streaks or patches.

The dark brindling can be minimal or so heavy that the body appears almost black. Brindle English Bulldogs have a unique, standout appeal due to this intricate coat pattern.

What Brindle English Bulldogs Look Like

A Brindle English Bulldog

White English Bulldog

While this color may seem pretty self-explanatory, lots of people get White English Bulldogs confused with the “Cream” coat color.

Platinum English Bulldog

White English Bulldogs are sometimes referred to as “Platinum” English Bulldogs— which is used to describe a dog with a 100% white coat.

What White English Bulldogs Look Like

A White English Bulldog
A White English Bulldog. Also known as a Platinum English Bulldog.

White English Bulldogs may be prone to deafness

You may be wondering how the color of the coat could affect hearing.

A lack of pigment cells

The reason for this is that these genes are associated with a lack of pigment cells which give the appearance of their coats.

This affects the small hairs in the ear

There are small hairs in the inner ear that are called cilia, and when there is an extreme lack of pigment cells, the cilia may not develop properly, resulting in deafness.

Hearing tests can rule out deafness

If you are interested in a platinum or white English Bulldog or are just concerned about the possibility of your new puppy being deaf, be sure to ask your breeder about performing a BAER test.

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What is the Rarest English Bulldog Color?

Merle is the rarest English Bulldog Color— but some Merle dogs are also prone to health issues such as blindness.

Yes, certain colors are linked to more health issues

Other colors might also be responsible for various genetic health issues according to a 2018 study from the University of Sydney.

English Bulldog Colors Recognized By The AKC

AKC English Bulldog colors include a mixture of colors like Brindle and White; Fawn Brindle and White; Red Brindle and White; Fawn and Brindle and Gray; and White.

  1. Fawn
  2. Fawn & Brindle
  3. Fawn & White
  4. Fawn Brindle & White
  5. Red
  6. Red & White
  7. Red Brindle
  8. Red Brindle & White
  9. White
  10. Fallow
English Bulldog making a funny face

English Bulldog Markings Recognized by AKC

Not only do English Bulldogs come in many colors, they also come in a wide variety of markings. (More than Frenchies!)

The markings can be spotted, piebald, or ticked. Some English Bulldogs also have what is known as a “black mask”, which is where their snout is black.

  • Black Mask: a black snout
  • Pidbald: piebald markings are simply irregular markings of different colors but are usually black and white.
  • White Markings: white spots throughout the dog’s coat
  • Ticked: flecks or spots of color on white areas of the coat
  • Black Tips
  • Brindle: tiger-striped coat consisting of red, silver, liver, tan, or blue
AKC RecognizedNot Recognized
FawnBlack & White
Fawn & BrindleBlack Fawn & White
Fawn & WhiteGray
Fawn Brindle & WhiteGray & White
Red & WhiteMerle
Red BrindleRed Merle
Red Brindle & WhiteBlue Merle

AKC Registration for your English Bulldog

As you can see there are several English Bulldog colors… but not all of them are officially recognized by the AKC.

If you don’t care about AKC registration (competing in shows would be a reason to want AKC registration), then you’ll have a wide variety of colors to choose from when getting an English Bulldog.

If AKC registration is important to you, make sure to get an official AKC Purebred English Bulldog.

English Bulldog Tri-Colored Patterns

English Bulldogs have iconic patterns.

If their coat has three colors the pattern is called tri-patterned.

The third color may be a golden brown or fawn. This third color may be on the dog’s chest, legs or above their eyes.

Common terms used to describe a tri-patterned English Bulldog

  • Blue tri
  • Lilac tri
  • Black tri

It shouldn’t surprise you that these tri-patterned English Bulldogs come with a hefty price tag.

Other Things To Know About English Bulldog Colors

  • Merle, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, and Platinum dogs come with a hefty price tag due to their rarity.
  • An English Bulldog will be considered platinum if it has less than ten percent of color on its body (it should be primarily white).
    • This ten percent rule has been accepted for a long time.
  • English Bulldogs with minimal color may have spots on their tail or on their face.
    • Some of these dogs have a gene called Si.
    • This stands for Irish spotting.
    • When this occurs the Bulldog will have a white collar and white chest. The lower legs and underside can be white too.
    • The Bulldog will normally be between 10 to 30 percent white.

Are there any health problems associated with certain colors?

Yes, some colors have specific health issues. For example, White English Bulldogs are more prone to deafness and Merle English Bulldogs are at a higher risk of both blindness and deafness.

What are the most common English Bulldog colors?

The most common colors for English Bulldogs are often Fawn, Brindle, White, and Red.

Are certain colors of English Bulldogs more expensive?

Yes, some colors are considered rare and can be more expensive. This is often due to demand and the genetics involved in producing these colors.
For example, blue or lilac English Bulldogs tend to be priced higher than more common colors like fawn or red.

What is the rarest English Bulldog color?

The rarest English Bulldog is Merle. It’s important to note that Merle English Bulldogs are more prone to health issues such as blindness and deafness.

Do English Bulldog puppies change color as they grow?

Yes, English Bulldog puppies can change color as they mature. Some may darken, lighten, or their brindle pattern may become more pronounced.


Sunday 4th of December 2022

I have a 3 week old lilac merle female only one too survive out of 7

Victoria J

Wednesday 19th of April 2023

@Hughanthonywilliams, Oh I’m so sorry to hear about that. To be honest I would’ve cried. Well I know you kept her 💕she special. Did you mix breed your English bulldog. I have an American bulldog she’s Tri and she’s pregnant now. The baby daddy 😂 is an merle French fluffy. May I ask when you took your baby to get an ultrasound was they able to see all her babies? Cause her Dr Vet. Says he only seen two.