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French Bulldog & Husky Mix

Loyal, Loving, And Wonderful Family Dogs

The French Bulldog Husky mix has been exploding in popularity in recent years and is one of the most highly desired designer dog breeds on the market.

They make great pets and are loyal companion dogs that are a pleasure to share your life with.

What Is A French Bulldog Husky Mix Called?

A French Bulldog Husky mix is bred from two different breeds, the French Bulldog and the Siberian Husky.

Nicknames for this Mixed Breed include…

  • French Bullsky
  • French Husky
  • French Bulldog Husky Mix

The resulting offspring gets its name from these two breeds and is officially known as a French Bulldog Husky mix although it’s often called a French Bully, a French Bullsky or affectionately referred to as a Frenchie Husky mix!

What’s The Temperament Of A Frenchie Husky Mix

The Frenchie Husky mix has a warm personality that is loyal, playful and loving.

With high levels of affection and being stranger friendly, the Frenchie Husky mix is known as a companion dog, which means they love nothing more than spending time with their owners, hanging out at home or going for walks in the park.

Frenchie Husky mixes are very adaptable to their surroundings and so they can live happily in a city or out in the countryside.

They can also live in a wide range of climates and can handle both hot and cold weather without it negatively impacting their health or wellbeing.

What Are The Training Requirements Of A Frenchie Husky Mix?

Frenchie Husky mixes are very keen to please their owners and with the highly intelligent genes of the Siberian Husky in their family tree they are quick to learn and easy to train.

This means that you’ll be able to teach them the basics, such as potty training and walking without pulling on the leash, within the first few months.

After that, you can continue to train them throughout their life to further polish their skills!

Don’t forget, Frenchie Husky mixes are dog friendly and so you can take them along to puppy training classes without worrying about their behavior around other puppies.

How Big Does A Bulldog Husky Mix Get?

The size of a mixed breed dog is wholly dependent on its parents although it usually tends towards the larger of the two. In this case, a Siberian Husky averages at about 22-24 inches in height while a French Bulldog averages around 12 inches.

Consequently, a Frenchie Husky mix can be anywhere between 12 to 22 inches in height but usually towards the upper end of that spectrum.

In terms of their weight a Frenchie Husky mix will usually weigh in at between 35-45 pounds once they are a fully grown adult.

What Are The Exercise Needs Of A Frenchie Husky Mix?

Frenchie Husky mixes have medium to high energy levels and as a result they do need a reasonable amount of exercise each week.

The amount of exercise that they will need depends on which of the puppy’s parent genes are dominant.

For example, if your puppy has a dominant Siberian Husky genetic make up then they’ll need regular exercise including 2 walks per day.

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If, on the other hand, the French Bulldog is more dominant in your Frenchie Husky mix then it will only need 1 walk per day.

However, in either case, you should be able to schedule at least one walk per day as well as regular playtime at home!

What Does A Frenchie Husky Mix Look Like?

A Frenchie Husky mix is a beautiful medium sized dog that incorporates the snub nose of the bulldog with the graceful elegance of a husky.

Ears & Coat

They often have the longer, wolf life ears and a thick coat like a husky.

However, they are usually much shorter and less lean than a husky as a result of their Bulldog genetic heritage.

The coat of a Frenchie Husky mix can either be long or short, although it’s usually a good thick coat that requires medium levels of maintenance by the owner.


The coloring of their coats is extremely varied and can be black and white, black and tan, gray and white, sable and white, fawn, as well as numerous combinations of the above!

Mixed Breeds have lots of variation in appearance

There’s always an element of unpredictability, in terms of appearance, when cross-breeding dogs, even in a single litter.

This makes a Frenchie Husky mix a truly unique breed that will certainly turn heads on your daily walks!

How Much Do French Bulldog And Siberian Husky Mix Puppies Cost?

As a general guide, you should expect to pay between $750 and $2000 for a French Bulldog Husky mix.

The cost of a puppy will always depend on a number of factors that include the quality of the breed’s lineage as well as the breeder that you buy them from.

Adoption/Rescue can save you lots of money

Of course, if you adopt a puppy from a rescue center then the costs will be significantly lower!

With this being said, it can be quite hard to find the French Bulldog Husky Mix of your dreams at a local rescue. You might have to travel or be open to other Frenchie Mixes.

There are other expenses…

You’ll also need to pay for pet insurance (highly recommended) and your new puppy’s food.

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All these breeds are expensive…

When you’re buying a puppy that is a cross of two popular breeds you need to take into account the cost of both breeds in your calculations.

For instance, the cost of a French Bulldog can range from around $1500 right up to $7500; whereas on average, a Husky puppy will cost around $1250.

Therefore, when you combine these two figures and add the time and expertise of the breeder you can begin to get an idea of the cost of a French Bulldog Husky mix.

Another factor that you need to take into account is which of the puppy’s parents’ genes are dominant. So if the mix is more husky than bulldog it should be slightly cheaper and vice versa.

Monthly costs

Together, these costs tend to average at about $1000 per month, depending on your insurance provider and the level of coverage that you purchase.

Are French Bulldog And Husky Mixes Good Dogs?

The short answer is Yes!

Frenchie Husky mixes are loyal, fun-loving, friendly, and make great furry companions.

They are highly adaptable and make amazing family pets.

They are keen to please and like nothing more than being with their owners and families.

So whether you live in the city or in the countryside a Frenchie Husky mix is one of the best breeds of dogs that you can choose to bring into your life.