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What are the French Bulldog Zoomies?

What exactly are the zoomies?

You know the Zoomies…

That sudden burst of energy that seems to possess your Frenchie out of the blue.

Most of us call it “the zoomies”, some call it “the zips”, and your vet might call it frenetic random activity periods.

And just as quickly as they appeared, they’ll disappear.

Are the Zoomies dangerous or bad?


The Zoomies are completely normal, however, they might hurt themselves zooming around if there are hazards in the environment.

Why do Frenchies get the Zoomies?

There are many reasons dogs get the Zoomies… what triggers your Frenchie might not even slightly excite mine.

The zoomies are thought to be a release of built-up energy, which explains why they happen after certain activities.

Common triggers of the Zoomies

These triggers all have one thing in common: they force your Frenchie to “hold back” their energy

  • A bath
  • A walk
  • Being on a bed
  • Seeing one of their favorite persons

Sure, I always expect the Zoomies after a bath… but sometimes my Frenchie gets the Zoomies at the most random times!

There’s just some things out there we’ll never understand…

When do the Zoomies stop?

Rest assured, the Zoomies themselves are completely normal, don’t last long, and can be ignored.

How do I stop the Zoomies?

Your first thought when your Frenchie gets the zoomies might be

What is wrong with my dog??? I need to stop them now!

Good luck!

Unfortunately, once your Frenchie is zooming, there’s little to no chance of stopping them.

  • Don’t chase them! That’ll excite them
  • Make sure the environment is safe of slippery surfaces,

Unsafe zoom areas

  • Tile floors
  • Hardwood floors
  • Near a pool (Frenchies can’t swim!)
  • On/off high platforms such as a bed

Redirect the Zoomies

Sometimes your Frenchie might get the zoomies in an area that they should not be zooming in…

  • Runaway from them into a safer area— hopefully, they will chase you
  • Throw a toy toward the area that you want them to zoom in
  • Let them outside to run around (if you have an enclosed area)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Zoomies make no sense… hopefully helps you make more sense of them

Why does my Frenchie get the Zoomies after a bath?

When you consider Zoomies being caused by a release of built-up energy, it makes total sense why your Frenchie is having the zoomies after every bath…

  • They just had to sit still for 20-30 minutes
  • They’re soaking wet
  • They probably feel cold (just like when we step out of the shower)

Why does my Frenchie get the Zoomies after a walk?


Okay, maybe it’s not that simple… but maybe their Zoomies are a celebration that they’re no longer tied to their leash. Yay!!!

Why does my Frenchie get the Zoomies on the bed?

This one always confuses me… sometimes my Frenchie will just randomly get the Zoomies while laying on the bed with me. She will get excited for whatever reason and start running around.

If you’re confused at the thought of that, maybe this video will explain:

Okay, so maybe that video just raises more questions…

Lori Gutierrez

Monday 6th of February 2023

I like The way you mentioned when the dog is no longer tied to his leash- uh he runs out into the street with NO fear. It’s quite alarming and dangerous, and so he must be on a leash…😏 for his own safety