7 Reasons Why your Frenchie is Throwing Up

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Throwing upโ€ฆ ugh.

There’s nothing worse than seeing your Frenchie not feeling good and not how to help them.

Whether itโ€™s you or your dog, puking is never fun.

Why is my Frenchie throwing up so much?

First things first, Frenchies are one of a handful of breeds that are predisposed to vomiting more than others…

So basically, you better get used to some occasional puking as a Frenchie owner.

There’s so many reasons why your Frenchie might be throwing up, but here are the most common:

7 Reasons Why your Frenchie is Throwing Up

  1. Allergies to food/drugs/supplements/environment.
  2. They’re eating or drinking too fast. You can use a slow feed bowl to slow them down.
  3. Sudden change in diet
  4. They ate something they shouldn’t have — be sure to puppy-proof your house
  5. Motion sickness (check out these tips for car rides)
  6. Intestinal parasites
  7. It could be a sign of a more serious health issue (kidney/liver disease, pancreatitis, diabetes, infection, cancer, etc)… if vomiting is persistent, be sure to visit your vet.

What you can do to stop your Frenchie’s vomiting

Treating your dog’s nausea/vomiting depends on the cause of their sickness… So the first step would be to figure out the root cause of their vomiting.

For sudden, acute, severe vomitingโ€” take them to the vet

With a little bit of experimentation in their diet, you might be able to figure out what’s making them sickโ€” but you’re best of just taking them to the vet to make sure they don’t have a serious illness causing their vomiting.

Once you’ve figured out why they’re throwing up, you might have to do one of the following…

  • Change their foodโ€” sometimes changing their protein source (e.g. from chicken to beef) can stop their stomach issues
  • Stop feeding them a certain treat that bothers themโ€” Frenchies have sensitive stomachs!
  • Use a slow-feed bowlโ€” sometimes Frenchies eat too fast which can cause them to throw up
  • Take them to the vetโ€” if all else fails, your vet will be able to figure out why they’re throwing up
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What foods might cause them to throw up

The following foods are known to cause vomiting in dogs…

  • Alcohol
  • Avocado
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes or Raisins
  • Human medications
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, tulips, daffodils, and sago palms
  • Xylitol

Check out this full list of household toxins that could make your Frenchie sick. And of course, make sure your house is puppy-proofed!

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6 Foods that can help an upset stomach and diarrhea

These foods are known to help soothe your Frenchie’s upset stomach…

  • Bananas
  • Bone broth
  • Oatmeal
  • Plain yogurt (no added sugar)
  • Pumpkin (make sure it has no xylitol!)
  • Sweet potatoes

Don’t just feed your Frenchie anything! Check out this list of all human foods you can share with your Frenchie.

Why is my Frenchie throwing up water?

Frenchies usually throw up water for the following reasons

  • They drank their water too fast
  • They’re too excited and didn’t want their heart rate to slow down before drinking
    • For example, if they’re playing really hard and drink immediately, they might throw up water.

Why is my French Bulldog throwing up blood?

If your Frenchie is throwing up blood, you should go see your veterinarian immediately!

There can be many causes for them throwing up blood, but they’re all pretty serious and require immediate medical attention.

Why is my French Bulldog throwing up food hours after eating?

They might not like their food or could be allergic to it. Frenchies are known for having sensitive stomachs and it can be tricky to find a food that sits well with them.

Not sure what to feed your Frenchie? Check out this list of our Top Frenchie Foods.

Why is my French Bulldog throwing up white foam?

When your Frenchie’s vomit has white foam in it, that’s usually caused by the vomit reacting with the air around it.

This means that foam is more likely to be in their vomit if they have an empty stomach.

If your Frenchie keeps throwing up white foam on an empty stomach, and you can’t get them to eat… it’s time to call your vet.

Why is my French Bulldog throwing up yellow

When your Frenchie’s vomit is yellow, it means there is bile present.

Possible causes

Don’t panic yet! Frenchies are one of the few breeds that are predisposed to vomiting bile more than other dogs.

  • Not eating for a while (this always happens when my Frenchie is being a fussy eater)
  • Eating too much grass
  • Drinking too much water
  • Eating lots of fatty foods
  • GI Diseases such as ulcers, parasites, and some cancers
  • Pancreatitis
  • Intestinal blockages
  • Food allergies

Read more on why your dog is throwing up bile at PetMD.

When should I take my French Bulldog to the vet for throwing up

If you notice any of the following, take your Frenchie to the vet ASAP…

  • Constantly vomiting
  • Blood in vomit or stools
  • They’re “not themselves”
  • Extremely lethargic
  • They’re throwing up after eating something possibly dangerous
  • Excessive drooling
  • Anxious / pacing
  • Diarrhea or signs of extreme dehydration
  • They have a fever (you can check with this thermometer)

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