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So you want a Frenchie?

Getting your Frenchie

When getting a Frenchie, you have two options…

Is a Frenchie right for you?

Before you go out and get your puppy, you should probably make sure a Frenchie is the right fit for you & your family.

Preparing for your puppy

So you’ve decided that a Frenchie is right for you…

I’m sure you can’t wait to bring your Frenchie home— but wait!

When getting a puppy, you don’t want to just wing it

What you need for your new Frenchie

  1. Harness and Leash
  2. A collar and tag
  3. Toys (a lot of chew toys)
  4. Food and Water Bowls
  5. Food
  6. Training Treats
  7. A comfy bed!
  8. Puppy gates or pen
  9. Stain remover
  10. Grooming supplies

What to do before getting your Frenchie