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Grey French Bulldog Guide

What is a Grey French Bulldog?

There are an almost endless combination of Frenchie colors & patterns

And even two Frenchies that are the same color won’t look exactly the same!

Some of them are recognized by the American Kennel Club, while others are not.

Grey is not one of the official Frenchie colors, however, it is considered one of the rarer French Bulldog colors.

So what does a Grey Frenchie look like?

A Grey coat is characterized by…

  1. Base color: The base color of a Sable French Bulldog’s coat is typically a rich, warm brown shade that can vary in intensity from light to dark.
  2. Tipped hairs: The coat of a Sable French Bulldog is characterized by a “tipped” appearance, with black hair tips on each hair shaft that gradually blend into the brown base color. This gives the coat a beautiful, multi-dimensional appearance that shimmers in the light.
  3. Dark face and ears: The face and ears of a Sable French Bulldog may be darker than the rest of the body, with black or dark brown coloration around the eyes and on the ears. This gives the dog a striking and distinctive appearance.
  4. Grizzled appearance: The combination of black and brown hairs in the coat can give a Sable French Bulldog a grizzled appearance, with a mix of darker and lighter hairs that create a beautiful and unique coat pattern.

Types of Grey French Bulldogs

Full Grey Frenchie: This type of Frenchie is also called a Blue Frenchie. The whole coat has a diluted black appearance that ends up looking grey.

A Blue French Bulldog puppy
A Grey/Blue French Bulldog

Grey & White Frenchie: A White Frenchie with Grey spots on it. It is similar to the Pied Frenchie with how its patches look.

A grey & white french bulldog (frenchie)
A Grey & White French Bulldog

What gives Grey French Bulldogs their appearance?

The grey color of Grey French Bulldogs is a result of a recessive gene that affects the black coat color of a typical French Bulldog. Recessive genes only show their effects if an individual has two copies of the gene – one from each parent.

Dilution Gene

The gene responsible for the Grey coat color is called the “dilution gene.” This gene dilutes the black pigment to a grayish-blue shade, which is commonly known as “blue” or “grey”.

French Bulldogs that have one copy of the dilution gene will have black coats, but they can still pass on the gene to their offspring.

Inheritance of the Dilution Gene

To produce a Grey French Bulldog, both parents must either be Grey themselves or carry one copy of the dilution gene. If one parent is Grey and the other is black but carries the dilution gene, there’s a 50% chance that their offspring will be Grey. If both parents carry one copy of the gene, there’s a 25% chance their offspring will be Grey.

Health Concerns

While Grey French Bulldogs are popular and unique, the dilution gene responsible for their blue coloration can also cause health issues.

The gene has been linked to skin sensitivities and hair loss, so it’s important for owners to be aware of these potential issues and take proper care of their pets.

Genetic testing can help identify any potential health issues related to this gene.

How much are Grey French Bulldogs?

On average, you can expect to pay $3,500–$5,500 for a Sable French Bulldog from a reputable breeder.

Grey French Bulldogs typically cost more than your standard colors.

This is because they are considered to be one of the “rare” Frenchie colors.

There’s a pretty big gap in the Frenchie price range — the price you pay will depend on many factors.

Frenchie Price Factors

  • Gender — typically female Frenchies will cost more than males due to their ability to breed
  • Breeder — a breeder that has a good reputation will usually charge more for their puppies compared to a smaller, less-known breeder; highly reputable breeders will usually have a longer waitlist for their puppies as well
  • Location — depending on where you live, the average price of a Frenchie might be more or less compared to the average of $3,500… in metropolitan areas (e.g. Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Miami, etc.) the price will be a bit higher compared to the prices you’d find in smaller cities or rural towns.
  • Color & pattern — some colors & patterns have genetics that are quite rare and breeders will typically charge more for these. Grey is one of these colors.

Frenchies are expensive

If you don’t know by now — and you probably do — Frenchies are super duper expensive.

They cost a lot to breed and are high in-demand… everyone wants a Frenchie nowadays.

Is a Frenchie worth it to you? It is for me! (Learn if a Frenchie is right for you)

Is a Frenchie right for me?

Learn all about the Pros & Cons of Frenchies and figure out whether or not they’re the right breed for you!

Grey French Bulldog Health Problems

Some Frenchie colors are known for having health problems.

Unfortunately, Grey is one of these colors.

As their Grey appearance is due to a dilution of pigment in their coat, they are prone to a condition known as Color Dilution Alopecia which causes hair follicles to become weakened due to the dilution of pigment, leading to hair loss and skin inflammation.

Color Dilution Alopecia

Grey Frenchies are prone to a condition called Color Dilution Alopecia, commonly abbreviated as CDA.

Color dilution alopecia is a hereditary skin disease that causes dry skin, flaky & itchy skin, and hair thinning & loss.

Color Dilution Alopecia at a Glance

  • Diagnosis involves ruling out other issues
  • Age of onset is between 6 months to 2-3 years of age
  • A genetic condition— more common in Blue/Grey/Lilac/Blue Fawn dogs
  • No cure— but it can be managed with moisturizers, dietary changes, vitamin supplementation, etc.
Symptoms of Color Dilution Alopecia
  • Thin hair
  • A dry & dull coat
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hair loss that progressively gets worse— it starts out as patches of hair loss
We can’t test for Color Dilution Alopecia

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to test for color dilution alopecia as the gene directly responsible is still unknown.

Do Gray Frenchies have more health issues?

Gray Frenchies are prone to some color-specific health issues… but that’s not it!

They’re still prone to the same ol’ Frenchie health issues.

Regular Frenchie Health Issues

Frenchies are notorious for health issues, especially breathing issues.

The Grey Frenchie is no exception.

Among Frenchies’ many health issues, joint & breathing problems are the most common.

The most common Frenchie health issues

  1. Allergies: French Bulldogs can develop allergies to environmental factors such as pollen, dust, and certain types of food. Common symptoms of allergies in dogs include itching, skin irritation, and digestive issues.
  2. Breathing issues: Due to their short snouts and flat faces, French Bulldogs can experience breathing problems. Stenotic nares (narrowed nostrils), elongated soft palate (a condition where the soft palate obstructs the airway), and tracheal collapse (when the trachea collapses or flattens) are all common respiratory problems in Frenchies.
  3. Joint problems: Joint problems are among the most common health issues in French Bulldogs. Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation (knee joint dislocation), and arthritis are all conditions that can affect Frenchies and cause pain and mobility issues.
  4. Spinal issues: French Bulldogs can also be prone to spinal problems such as hemivertebrae (a spinal deformity), intervertebral disc disease (a condition where the discs between the vertebrae in the spine degenerate or rupture), and degenerative myelopathy (a progressive disease that affects the spinal cord).
  5. Eye problems: Cherry eye (a condition where the tear gland in the eye protrudes from its normal position), cataracts (cloudiness in the lens of the eye), entropion (a condition where the eyelid rolls inward), and distichiasis (an abnormal eyelash growing from the wrong location) are all eye problems that can affect Frenchies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Grey Frenchies recognized by the AKC?

No, Grey (or blue) Frenchies are not one of the official colors recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Are Grey Frenchies purebred?

Yes, a French Bulldog with a Grey coat may be purebred — but this is not always the case. There are some colors that would be impossible for a Frenchie to have if they were purebred, but Sable is not one of those.

How much are Grey Frenchies?

Grey French Bulldog Puppies generally cost between $4,000-$9,000.

Price will vary depending on your location.

What health problems are common in Grey Frenchies

Color Dilution Alopecia. It’s a common condition in Grey dogs that can cause hair thinning & loss and dry/itchy skin.