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61 Celebrities with French Bulldogs

Celebrities with French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are a hugely popular breed and so it should come as no surprise that many of the world’s top celebrities are proud owners of their own French Bulldogs.

Everyone from Lady Gaga to Martha Stewart have owned Frenchies and in some cases their pooches have major social media followings in their own right!

So if you’ve been wondering exactly which of your favorite celebrities own a French Bulldog…

Then look no further because we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the top names and their furry little friends.

The Rock’s Frenchies: Hobbs & Brutus

Dwayne Johnson, who’s generally known by his ring name, The Rock, is a top American actor, semi-retired wrestler, and producer. He’s also a Frenchie-lover!

He’s got plenty of experience in Hollywood and has appeared in many movies including The Fast and The Furious as well as the HBO drama series Ballers.

The Rock has had two Frenchies over the years although sadly Brutus passed away in 2015 after eating a toxic mushroom.

However, Hobbs is still alive and well and is rarely far from his master, The Rock.

2 Chainz Frenchie Trappy

The infamous rapper 2 Chainz first came to public attention as one half of the hip hop duo Playaz Circle. He’s also an old friend of Earl ‘Dolla Boy’ Conyers, and had a meteoric rise to the top of the industry.

However, behind his tough street smart image 2 Chainz has a softer side and is the doting owner of a Frenchie called Trappy.

Trappy also has a fan base of his own and became a celebrity after he debuted in 2 Chainz’s music video, Not Invited. 

You can keep up with Trappy’s adventures on his Instagram account which has almost 80 thousand followers:

Madonna’s Frenchie Gypsy Rosa

Madonna, the Queen of Pop and undoubtedly one of the biggest names in music history is a loving doggy mom to Gypsy Rosa Lee or Gypsy for short. Madonna burst onto the scene in the 1980s with top hits including Like A Prayer, Material Girl, and dozens of other songs that went around the world and became the anthems for a new era in pop music.

Madonna earnt her place in Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Greatest Artists of All Time as well as the 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time.

Her Frenchie, Gypsy, is absolutely adorable!

Lady Gaga’s Frenchie: Koji

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known by her stage name, Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. I’m sure you’ve probably heard Lady Gaga’s songs on the radio at some point! She’s best known for her hit singles, “Bad Romance”, “Poker Face”, and “Just Dance”.

She also loves her Frenchies! She has a few little piggies herself.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Frenchie: Foe Thee Frenchie

Megan Thee Stallion, best known on the songs “Hot Girl Summer”, “Savage”, and “WAP”, is a huge dog person– she has 6 dogs!

Of these six dogs, three of them are Frenchies– 4oe Thee Frenchie, Oneita, and Dos.

4oe Thee Frenchie – @frenchie4oe

Meet Megan Thee Stallion’s first Frenchie: 4oe (Foe) Thee Frenchie, an absolutely adorable black Frenchie

4oe Thee Frenchie has his own Instagram page that he is highly active on with over 600k followers!

Megan Thee Stallion’s Frenchie Dos

Megan’s second Frenchie is named Dos.

Unfortunately, Dos doesn’t have an Instagram of her own…

She’s supposedly not as photogenic as her brother– what do you think?

Megan Thee Stallion’s Frenchie Oneita

I think all Frenchie owners can relate to having the urge to get another Frenchie– well Megan couldn’t help herself from getting a *third*!

She just got her newest Frenchie, Oneita, in November of 2021.

Zayn Malik’s Frenchie: Coca-Cola.

Zayn Malik, the former star of One Direction, adopted a French Bulldog with his girlfriend Gigi Hadid in 2017 and is often photographed in his car with his furry companion in his arms!

There’s been wild speculation among fans about the name of his Frenchie which he has been keeping quiet although rumors suggest that the pooch might be called Coca-Cola!

Travis Barker’s Frenchies: Fudge, Biggy, Blue and Elvis

Travis Barker is the drummer of Blink182 but this rockin’ roller is also a serious fur dad; and is the owner of 4 mischievous little French Bulldogs. All of his dogs are members of his family and have their presence on social media! 

The Blink182 star is taking life at a slower pace these days and spending more time with his growing pack of Frenchies and his new family, including his daughter Alabama: 

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Frenchie: Django

Leonardo DiCaprio, the heartthrob star of Titanic, has long been one of Hollywood’s top stars and has featured in leading roles in some of the biggest films of the century.

In recent years Leonardo has taken a much stronger interest in environmental issues and is one of the leading figures in the fight against climate change. Using his fame, Leonardo speaks out against environmental damage and highlights ways in which we can all do our bit to reduce the impacts of modern life on the fragile ecosystems of the natural world.

David Beckham’s Frenchie: Scarlet

As one of the greatest football players of all time, David Beckham moved from his home in England to play soccer in LA with his singer and model wife, Victoria. The happy couple soon had several children but they also adopted a French Bulldog named Scarlet!

Scarlet joined the Beckham household in 2011 and was joined by a Bulldog called Coco, two Cocker Spaniels called Olive and Fig as well as a lovely Shar-Pei called Barnaby.

David Beckham’s Bulldog and French Bulldog pups: 

Jonah Hill’s Frenchie: Carmella

Jonah Hill is an American director, producer, screenwriter, comedian and actor who’s cute French Bulldog Carmella hit the limelight after making an appearance on the Ellen show back in 2014. 

Jonah Hill truly loves his Frenchie and refers to her as his ‘adopted daughter’! You can see the infamous clip of Johan Hill on Ellen’s show as he explains his relationship with his beloved dog, Carmella: 

Hillary Duff’s Frenchie: Peaches

Hillary Duff is an American actress, songwriter, and singer who has won several major awards including 4 Teen Choice Awards, 2 Young Artist Awards, and 7 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards! 

She also loves her Frenchies and has had several over the years. Unfortunately, her first French Bulldog Beau died although she adopted a new Frenchie called Peaches in 2016, who is a beautiful cream Frenchie with a charmingly mischievous streak!

John Legend’s Frenchie: Pippa

John-Roger Stephens, or John Legend as he’s better known, is an award-winning American singer, actor, and producer. He met and married his model wife, Chrissy Teigen, in 2013 and the power couple has 2 lovely children and several pet dogs.

Pippa, their Frenchie, only has 3 legs but she still chases about and has great fun with her English Bulldog brother, Paul. The happy family doesn’t spend as much time in the limelight as they used to but you can still see their antics on social media.

Snoop Dogg’s Frenchie: Juelz

King of rap, Snoop Dogg, shot to fame when he joined Dr. Dre on his debut solo single called Deep Cover and then later on Dr. Dre’s album, Chronic. Snoop Dogg is one of the most prolific rappers, songwriters and media personalities of recent decades but he also has a softer side which he saves for his Frenchie Juelz Broadus.

Of course, with such a famous owner, Juelz also has his own Instagram with a following of nearly 60,000 people :

Wiz Khalifa’s Frenchie: Vincent

The American rapper and songwriter, Wiz Khalifa released his first album ‘Show and Prove’ in 2006 and was later signed to Warner Brothers Records in 2007. His top songs were major urban hits and he continues to grow his audience. 

Vincent, Wiz Khalifa’s pet Frenchie, has his own Instagram where you can follow his antics: 

Vincent also has a rare mini-English Bulldog brother named Max B who loves to muck around with Vincent and Wiz Khalifa’s son:

Iggy Azalea’s Frenchie: Jelli

Australian rapper extraordinaire, Iggy Azalea, is a singer, songwriter, and model. She took the leap early in life and moved to the United States to seek fame and fortune in the highly competitive music industry at just 16. 

She has a lovely little black and white Frenchie called Jelli who lives the jet-set life with his dog-mom although he does get into some scrapes! In 2014, while Iggy Azalea was at a festival in Canada her poor little pooch was attacked and bitten by a coyote in his backyard: 

Thankfully though, Jelli pulled through from the scary coyote attack and was fine, much to Iggy’s relief!

Tory Lanez and Fetty

Canadian rapper, record producer, singer, and songwriter, Tory Lanez first exploded onto the scene after the release of his mixtape: ‘Conflicts of My Soul’, back in 2013. 

Since then he’s had a colorful career that included many adventures but he really surprised fans when he announced the newest member of his crew, a little Frenchie called Fetty!

Tory Lanez with Fetty:–763360205568883183/ 

Zac Efron and Merle

Zac Efron has been acting since the early 2000s although he’s also a great singer. He came to prominence for his part as Troy Bolton in the beloved High School Musical trilogy but he also played a leading role in Hairspray during this period. 

He recently adopted a sweet Frenchie puppy named Merle :–820147782123505295/

Cesar Millan and Scarlett

Cesar Millan is one of the world’s most famous dog trainers; in fact, some even call him a ‘dog whisperer’ due to his amazing ability to help dogs overcome aggression and bad behavior! 

Cesar adopted an unwanted Frenchie called Scarlet because of her highly aggressive behaviors. He realized that the poor dog only behaved badly because she wasn’t given proper rules and boundaries and so he happily took her under his wing. 

Cesar used to rub Scarlet’s belly for good luck to help overcome issues in his life and get positive energy for upcoming events – no doubt, little Scarlet didn’t mind having her belly rubbed to bring the dog trainer who saved her life some good luck each day! 

Cesar and Scarlet :

Hugh Jackman and Dali

Hugh Jackman is one of Australia’s most famous actors who started his career in television and theater but soon broke through onto the big screen to star in huge movies such as X-Men, where he played Wolverine.

However, in Wolfman’s real-life he loves dogs too and has a Frenchie named Dali and a Poodle Mix called Allegra. 

Jeremy Piven and Bubba

Jeremy Samuel Piven, a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor, producer, and comedian, is best known for starring in the series Entourage where he played Ari Gold. 

Jeremy Piven was the proud owner of a Frenchie called Bubba. Sadly, his dear companion, who used to travel everywhere with him, died in his arms in 2020. He revealed the heartbreak of the situation on social media and even a flood of support from his fans could never replace his best friend, Bubba.

Taraji P Henson and K-Ball

Taraji P Henson is a well-loved author and actress who owned a French Bulldog named K-Ball. Her Frenchie had a big Instagram following but tragically in March 2021 her beloved boy died following complications during surgery.
Her poor dog K-Ball suffered from breathing difficulties and it’s thought that his trachea collapsed. K-Ball had a wonderful life and was always the life of the party!

You can still see his adventures on his Instagram account:

Reese Witherspoon and Minnie

Reese Witherspoon is an American actress and consistently ranks among the highest-paid actresses in the world. During the course of her glamorous career she has won several Golden Globes, an Academy Award and a British Academy Film Award! 

In her quieter moments when she’s not starring on the red carpet she loves her dogs and had a Frenchie called Pepper who sadly died of cancer. Following the loss of her beloved friend Pepper, Reese Witherspoon adopted a new French Bulldog called Minnie.

Reese Witherspoon with Pepper before he died: 

Here’s an amazing video of Reese Witherspoon with her friend Minnie’s avatars in the Metaverse!

Eva Longoria and Popeye

Eva Longoria is an American actress who starred in the hit TV series Desperate Housewives but in real life she’s the dog mom to a gorgeous blue French Bulldog named Popeye. They were inseparable buddies and although Popeye didn’t always like to share his bed with Eva Longoria, they really were best friends! Popeye looking a little unhappy about sharing his bed: 

Sadly, Popeye died in Eva’s arms in the summer of 2018 at the amazing age of 15 years old. Popeye died of a stroke after a long life of happy adventures with his mom and his doggy brother Jinxy, a Maltese, who also died following a stroke shortly before the birth of her first child.

Here’s Eva Longoria with Popeye, “waiting for the weekend”

Carrie Fisher and Gary Fisher

Carrie Fisher is an American actress who is most famous for playing the role of Princess Leia in the legendary Star Wars series. She won many awards for her acting including 4 Saturn Awards! 

Carrie Fisher also had a starry-eyed pet Frenchie named Gary Fisher. Gary, nicknamed the ‘Dopest Dog in the Galaxy’, traveled all over the place with her and was often seen on set by her side. However, in 2016, after Carrie Fisher died, her furry friend was adopted by her assistant Corby McCoin. 

Following her death, Corby sat down with Gary to rewatch The Last Jedi, in which Carrie was a starring actor, and her cute little Frenchie perked up and was super excited to see her on the screen!

You can see Gary’s Instagram : 

Zach Braff and Scooter

Zach Braff is an American filmmaker, actor and dog lover who is best known for his role as J.D. in the TV series Scrubs which aired on NBC. He was later nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award as well as 3 Golden Globe Awards. 

Zach Braff’s French Bulldog, Scooter, is always by his side and enjoys all types of trips with his doggy dad! Here’s a shot of Scooter looking pretty relaxed while taking a helicopter ride with Zach Braff back in 2019

Ashlee Simpson and Alabama

Ashlee Simpson, the youngest sister of Jessica Simpson, is an American actress, dancer, singer, and fashionista who started her career in showbiz at just 15! She’s had a hugely varied career but today she’s more focused on her gorgeous Frenchie, Alabama and family life. 

Ashlee’s son, Bronx, wasn’t so sure about his furry brother’s name, Alabama, and has Christened the French Bulldog Bam Bam!

Ashlee was seen out in LA with her beloved Alabama, enjoying the California sunshine in style:–32932640998062995/ She’s also been spotted by OK Magazine with Vincent Piazza, one of the stars of the HBO hit Boardwalk Empire with Alabama: 

Marcus Rashford.

Marcus Rashford is one of the great up and coming football stars who debuted with Manchester United. His spectacular skills on the ball has made him a household name in the sport but he’s less known for his love of four-legged furry friends!

Marcus Rashford has a Cane Corso, which is a breed of mastiff, but he also adopted two gorgeous French Bulldogs in 2016 who are pretty nifty with a football themselves: 

Michael Phelps and Juno and Legend

As one of the greatest swimmers of all time, Michael Phelps is a sporting superstar who’s broken more Olympic records than anyone else alive. Michael has been a long time lover of four-legged fur friends and his two Frenchies, Juno and Legend, are celebrities in their own right with nearly 20 thousand followers on Instagram. 

You can follow their antics on their account to see what they’ve been up to, which, unsurprisingly, involves a lot of time hanging out by the pool with their dad: 

Here’s a great photo on a sunny day with Micheal Phelps and one of his little fur buddies: 

Rachel Bilson and Thurman

Rachel Bilson is an American actress who was born into the world of showbiz. She first came to the notice of the public for her role in the O.C. TV series in which she played the popular character Summer Roberts. In 2006 she landed her first role in the movie industry in the sci-fi action thriller Jumper in 2008. Later, she played the role of Zoe Hart in the series Hart of Dixie. 

However, Rachel Bilson has always been a dog lover and in 2010 she got her French Bulldog puppy, Thuram. They are regularly seen out together as the stylish celeb gets some fresh air or goes on a quick shopping trip:–488781365780161420/ 

Jack Osborne and Bruce

Jack Osborne is the son of Ozzy Osborne of Black Sabbath fame. Jack Osborne came to the public attention when he co-starred in the reality TV show, The Osbournes; along with his sister Kelly, his father Ozzy, and his mother Sharon.

Jack Osborne’s father, who was nicknamed the Prince of Darkness, infamously ate live bats on stage but his son is far kinder to animals. Jack Osborne is the doting owner of several dogs, including a French Bulldog named Bruce and an Australian Shepherd called Ruby.

Denise Richards and Leo and Hank

Denise Richards is an actress, model, and TV personality who played Carmen Ibanez in Starship Troopers and was the sultry bond girl, Christmas Jones in the movie The World is Not Enough.

She’s also a Frenchie lover and had two beautiful French Bulldogs named Leo and Hank. Tragically, her beautiful Frenchie Leo died recently:

Eli Roth and Monkey 

Eli Roth is a writer, producer, actor, and film director who loves his pet Frenchie; his spoiled French Bulldog, Monkey, never leaves his side! Eli is such a softie that Monkey even has a seat at his dining table at home. 

It all began because while he was eating dinner Monkey would make such a fuss at being left out that he put her up on the chair next to him. The monkey immediately settled down and so ever since then she’s had a place at the table beside Eli!

Eli Roth and Monkey:

Jason Schwartzman and Arrow 

American actor and comedian who starred in the classic 2015 movie 7 Chinese Brothers is also a doggy-dad and is the proud owner of a gorgeous Frenchie named Arrow. The pair are best buddies and do almost everything together including music videos! 

In this music video for ‘Han Solo’ from King Kong Vol II, you can see Jason and Arrow take the starring roles:

Reagan Agee and Blu

Reagan Agee is a reality TV star and stole the hearts of her audiences in Very Cavallari on E! Channel. However, in her real-life drama, her heart was stolen by a beautiful little French Bulldog named Blu. She probably named her pooch Blu because he is a ‘blue’ Frenchie and so despite her great acting talents her imagination might be a little lacking. 

Reagan Agee and Blu:

Mario Lopez and Julio and Oscar

Mario Lopez is a well-respected entertainment journalist and actor who has a lovely family and, just as importantly, two lovely French Bulldogs. His Frenchies are named Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez and Oscar De La Hoya Lopez, or, simply Julio and Oscar for short!

It’s Julio’s 10th birthday in the Lopez household: 

Kris Allen and Zorro

Kris Allen is a singer and songwriter from Arkansas who shot to fame after winning the 8th season of American Idol. He got a great surprise Christmas present a few years ago, from his lovely wife Katy, in the form of a sweet little Frenchie pup! 

They decided to name the Frenchie Zorro and were later featured on the cover of the album ‘Thank You Camellia’ and even went on tour with Kris Allen’s band!

As a touring French Bulldog, Zorro also has his Instagram:

Dieter Schmitz and Wellington

Dieter Schmitz is best known for his appearances on Reality TV’s Laguna Beach but he’s also a doggy lover and owns a friendly little Frenchie named Wellington. Wellington is a busy little dog who heads to work with his owners at the EVEN hotel to oversee staff happiness in his role as the official Chief Wellness Officer!

You can check out Wellington’s low key Instagram account: 

Shaun White and Steve and Rambo 

Shaun White, the American snowboarding legend, is best known for his epic performances on the slope but he’s also a mellow dog owner. Shaun White has two Frenchies who are quite the celebrities themselves! Shaun White has created several lines of clothing for humans but Rambo also has a pet clothing collection! 

Here’s Steve, relaxing in the car while waiting for Shaun to get back from the Sochi Winter Olympics: 

Michelle Trachtenberg and Mya 

American actress and model, Michelle Trachtenberg started in showbiz at a young age and has starred in numerous commercials, TV series, and films. When she’s not on set she’s the dog-momma of Mya, a sweet Frenchie. 

These days, Michelle Trachtenberg is a paparazzi queen and she’s often shot with Mya in tow on shopping trips and excursions :–441704675925547695/ 

Nicola Peltz and Frankie

Nicola Peltz, star of Transformers 4 and partner of Brooklyn Beckham, son of the legendary English football player, were the proud parents to a cute little Frenchie named Frankie. 

Sadly, in late 2021 the couple had to say a tearful goodbye to the dear dog although it’s likely that they will soon be adopting a new pup:

Malcolm McDowell and Agnes

Star of the haunting cult classic Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell is one of England’s greatest actors but he’s also a French Bulldog owner. He’s actually a lover of all dogs but his Frenchie Agnes has always had a special place in his heart! 

He lives with Agnes and her doggy brother, a Labrador named Spinee.

Here’s Agnes making an appearance on a video where Malcom is wishing Happy Birthday to a fan:

Melissa George and Glee 

Melissa George is an Australian actress who made her TV debut on Home and Away but eventually moved to LA. She later starred in the series Roar in 1997 as well as the series Charmed. She has a gorgeous Frenchie named Glee who is often spotted out with her in both New York and LA! 

Melissa George with Glee :–55732114113873313/ 

Melissa George on a shopping trip with Glee in tow :

Ashley Olson and Her Mystery Pooch 

Ashley Olson is a highly successful businesswoman, fashion designer, and actress who incredibly started her acting career by sharing the role of Michelle Tanner in Full House with her twin sister Mary-Kate! 

Ashley Olson has a lovely Frenchie which is often seen out with her on the streets of New York. However, there is a lot of speculation about the Frenchie’s actual name and so for now it remains something of a mystery! 

Ashely Olson and her mystery Frenchie in New York :–10273905370523770/

Giles Marina and Mila 

Best known for his role in Sex and the City, Giles Marina is a big time animal lover who is constantly seen in photos posing with every animal you can imagine; including horses, penguins and plenty of dogs! 

Of course, his favorite animals of all are French Bulldogs; here’s Giles celebrating World Puppy Day with his dear friend Mila :

Martha Stewart and Creme Brulee and Bette Noir

Martha Stewart is a super successful American businesswoman, TV personality and writer who founded Martha Stewart Living Omniomedia. She’s had an amazing career but her true love is for her darling four legged friends. 

Martha Stewart had two Frenchies called Sharky and Frencesca who she would often dress in her own line of pet apparel! However she loved them so much that she got two more Frenchies called Bete Noire and Creme Brulee! She also has two Chow Chows named Empress Qin and Emperor Han! 

Scott Foley and Frankie

With a prolific career in film and television, Scott Foley is a great actor and director who has worked in shows including Scrubs, Felicity, The Unit, and Scandal as well as the film Scream 3. 

Scott Foley has a cute little Frenchie named Frankie. Apparently, his daughter loves Frankie but his son is so scared of the tiny little dog that he won’t even step on the floor at the same time as Frankie! 

It’s hard to understand how anyone could be frightened of such a cute little guy as Frankie : 

Vanessa Hudgens and Bella and Lily 

Vanessa Hudgens is a singer and actress who first starred in the film Thirteen but later cemented her place in the hall of fame by playing Gabriella Montez in High School Musical. Vanessa has two beautiful Frenchies named Bella and Lily who are always by her side :

Yves Saint Laurent and Minnie Muse

The legendary fashion designer is one of the biggest names in the industry who has done more to change the trends and fashions than almost anyone else since he founded the French fashion house after his own name, Yves Saint Laurent, or YSL for short. 

He’s also a surprise doggie lover who owns a gorgeous and often photographed French Bulldog called Minnie Muse. 

Yves Saint Laurent with his four legged muse :–162622236517294680/

Mila Kunis and Audrey

Starting out in showbiz at just 14 years old, Mila Kunis first appeared on the TV show That 70’s Show before she took up the fun job of playing the voice of Meg Griffin on the Family Guy in 1999! However, Mila has always shied away from the limelight and has said that she prefers ‘the simple things in life’ and is much happier staying at home with her two dogs than attending big red carpet events!

Mila has a Beagle Chihuahua mix named Shorty and an ultra-cute 8-year-old French Bulldog called Audrey.

Mila and Audrey:–550987335636993985/

Elizabeth Gillies and Otis

Elizabeth Gillies is a singer and actress who amazingly made her Broadway debut in her teens in the musical show 13! Later in her career, she made a splash on television in The Black Donnellys as well as playing Jade West in Nickelodeon’s show Victorious. 

She’s also a serious dog lover who famously tweeted that she needed a ‘French Bulldog and a drink’ back in 2019: 

Thankfully, for Elizabeth, her dream came true and she’s now the loving owner of a Frenchie named Otis:–640074165798603685/

Christina Ricci and Ramon 

As an actress who is best known for playing dark, unusual characters Christina Ricci has made an interesting career for herself in independent productions including Sleepy Hollow and Cursed. Remarkably, her films have grossed an astounding $1.4 Billion in total – which is quite amazing! 

Christina Ricci is also a loving doggy mom to a sweet Frenchie named Ramon.

Christina and Ramon : 

Pamella Hasselhoff and Bandit 

Pamella Hasselhoff, the former wife of the Baywatch star David Hasselhoff, is a model and a TV personality. Some of her biggest performances on the TV include Celebrity Big Brother although she also worked with her husband for a time on the hit show BayWatch.

Pamella has a funky French Bulldog named Bandit who is often seen in some pretty wild outfits! Here’s Bandit, photographed by the TMZ paparazzis, dressed to impress, or as they put it, ‘the Hottest Dog on a Hog’ :

Laurent Kerusore

Laurent Kerusore is one of France’s top actors and singers. He’s best known in Europe for his roles in the films Recto-verso and Serial Love as well as for playing Thomas Marci on the TV series Les Copains Dans L’Espace. Laurence is a serious lover of nature and, especially, dogs! He’s had many dogs over the years and actually works with volunteers in Morocco who rescue and rehome stray dogs from the streets and beaches of the country! 

Laurent is fairly shy about revealing too much about his private life although he does have several Yorkshire Terriers, a mixed breed mongrel as well as a gorgeous French Bulldog. It’s thought that one of his Yorkies is named Rosy and the mixed breed which he rescued from Morocco is called Lucky. However, the name of his beloved French Bulldog is still a hot topic of speculation.

Laurent Kerusore gives his French Bulldog a big hug :

Denise Van Outen and Matilda

The lovely Denise Van Outen is a model and TV presenter who shot to fame in the UK while presenting the MTV-esque show The Big Breakfast. Later, she went on to play the raucous Roxie Hart in Chicago, the musical, on both Broadway and the West End. 

Denise has always had furry friends throughout the years but the most recent addition to her household is a beautiful ‘fur princess’ named Matilda. 

Matilda, the ‘fur princess’, on her new bed:

Tom Hardy and Blu

Following his big debut in the series Band of Brothers, Tom Hardy went on to perform in the sci-fi box office hit Inception alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. He appears regularly on the BBC in TV dramas but also in edgy cult classics such as Layer Cake. 

The ruggedly handsome Tom Hardy also has a softer side though and he adores his French Bulldog, Blu. He often travels with his Frenchie who is often spotted on set!

Here’s Tom Hardy with his best buddy, Blu :–304696731019829737/ 

Patty Hearst and Diva 

Patty Hearst has had a spectacularly unusual life! Patty was born as the heiress of the American press giant William Randolph Hearst’s fortune but she first hit the headlines when she was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army in 1974. 

Almost two years later she was finally found although by that time she had committed a string of serious crimes, including armed bank robbery with the group! After spending several years of a 35-year sentence in prison she was pardoned by President Clinton. 

Following all these ups and downs she spent some time as an actress before settling into a quieter life and now dotes on her prize-winning French Bulldog, Diva! Here’s Diva with his dog-mom Patty Hearst after making an appearance at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in Madison Square Garden, NY: 

Salma Hayek Pinault and Angela

The Mexican American is an award-winning actress and producer who is considered to be one of Hollywood’s most powerful women. She first came to widespread attention for her moving portrayal of Frida Kahlo; a Mexican artist who overcame huge odds to achieve her dreams.

Salma has always loved animals and she currently has a French Bulldog named Angela and an owl! There was a little trouble in her household when she named her new Frenchie Angela because her housekeeper’s name was also Angela! Consequently, her housekeeper quit! 

Here’s Salma Hayek playing in the snow with Angela and her pet: 

Holly Willoughby and Benny

Holly Willoughby is one of the UK’s best-loved TV personalities who co-presents one of the country’s favorite shows, This Morning on ITV. However, she’s also authored several top-selling books and performed with her co-host in Dancing on Ice! 

She has several dogs including a sweet little French Bulldog named Benny. She’s a doting doggy mom who often posts on Instagram with her darling little fur baby:

Christina Perri and Pistachio. 

Christina Perri is a singer/songwriter who made her debut with the single ‘Jar of Hearts’ which went on to be included in the TV series So You Think You Can Dance. She went on to sign with Atlantic Records and later went on to write the song ‘A Thousand Years’ which went on to sell an amazing 10 million copies in America! 

Despite her fame and fortune, Christina has a habit of posting A LOT about French Bulldogs which can be pretty tough on people who don’t have one, yet; as one of her fans pointed out: ‘Christina Perri, please stop Instagramming pictures of french bulldog puppies… It makes me sad because I don’t have one #wahhhhhh’

Christina with her cute white French Bulldog called Pistachio:–492299802986676850/ 

Jenna Ushkowitz and Bear.

Jenna Ushkowitz is one of the best-known South Korean singers, actresses, and podcast hosts in America. She has starred on Broadway in musicals including Waitress and the King and I as well as playing Tina Cohen-Chang in the Fox show Glee.

She has a sweet Frenchie named Bear who is the light of her life when she’s not on stage. Jenna recently found out that she was pregnant and celebrated with an Instagram post with ‘A Bear and a bump’:

Here’s another post of her fur baby fast asleep, ‘looking how I feel but cuter’, as Jenna said: 

Sharon Stone and Joe ‘Biggy’ Stone and Bandit.

Sharon Stone, the beautiful Hollywood star of Basic Instinct started her career as a model and TV commercial actress but has gone on to become a major producer, a Femme Fatale actress, and Hollywood Star. 

She has also had several French Bulldogs including Joe ‘Biggy’ Stone and Bandit. Here’s a cute picture of Sharon celebrating Joe’s birthday:

However, sadly, Joe ‘Biggy’ Stone passed away in February 2022: 

Fortunately, Sharon’s other furry baby, Bandit, is still alive and well! He’s a happy Frenchie who loves watching TV but he still misses his big brother: 

Celebs Love Their Frenchies! 

French Bulldogs have become one of the trendiest breeds over the course of the 20th Century; particularly in the fashion capitals of the world like Paris, New York, LA and Milan! Celebrities have always been at the cutting edge of the fashionable trends in society and so when they choose what type of four legged furry friends to bring into their lives they often choose a gorgeous little French Bulldog pup! 

Of course, these lucky Frenchies, who become part of the celebrity jet setting scene, live wonderful lives full of adventures and fun! Some of these star-studded pooches also build up their own fan bases on social media while others are there for their owners when they get home after a long day at the studio. 

Either way, it just goes to show that no matter how rich and famous you are, there’s no substitute for the love and companionship that you can only get from a pet dog!