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Warm Frenchie Winter Attire

Help your Frenchie stay warm this winter with these stylish & comfy winter attire.

1. Boots

Keep their Paws Warm!
Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots
  • Non-slip for better traction
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Protect your Frenchie's paws
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04/16/2024 10:54 pm GMT

2. Coat

Keep your Frenchie Warm!
Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Jacket
$105.99 ($105.99 / Count)

Frenchies aren't known for being the best at regulating their body temperatures— whether this be in extreme heat or cold...

Keep your Frenchie warm on even the coldest winter days with this Hurtta Winter Coat.

Just be sure to measure your Frenchie before purchasing this coat— having the right size is essential! Measuring guide included in product listing.

  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Cover the big muscle groups
  • Insulating foil liner that keeps heat inside
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05/07/2024 06:35 pm GMT

3. Hoodies

  1. Adorable Yellow Hoodie

    Just a plain yellow hoodie that'll keep your Frenchie lookin' stylish.

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  2. Purple Hoodie
    $11.99 ($11.99 / Count)

    Just a plain old purple hoodie.

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    05/05/2024 10:45 am GMT
  3. Black Hoodie
    $11.99 ($11.99 / Count)

    Just a plain black hoodie

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    05/05/2024 10:52 am GMT

4. Hats

5. Head Cover

Available in 5 Colors
Happy Hoodie Calming Cap

Reduce your Frenchie's anxiety

Keeps their head and ears warm

Protects your Frenchie's hearing

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04/12/2024 11:59 pm GMT

6. Bandanas