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The 10 Cutest Frenchie Ornaments of the Year

Happy Holidays!

Looking for a Christmas gift for your Frenchie-crazy friend?

Or maybe you just don’t want to exclude your Frenchie on the tree-decorating festivities.

Either way, here are the 10 cutest Frenchie ornaments you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

1. The Flying Frenchie

2. Gingerbread House

Colors: brindle & fawn

3. White Frenchie w/ Name Plate

4. Black and White Frenchie

5. Fawn Frenchie w/ a Scarf

6. Frenchie Xmas Tree

7. Black Frenchie w/ Santa Hat

8. Frenchie on a Leash

9. Engraved Wood Ornament

10. This Fawn Frenchie