9 of the Funniest French Bulldog Videos

Check out the funniest French Bulldog videos on Instagram.

The funniest Frenchie videos I’ve seen on Instagram.

Facetiming Mom

I don’t know about you, but my Frenchie is an absolute pro at losing her ball under the couch.

If our Frenchies had iPhones, they’d be like this Frenchie:

The Magic Word

This video from @griffinfrenchie is undeniable proof that Frenchies can speak English.


Check out this adorable video of a Frenchie bugging his chihuahua friend. I wouldn’t mess around with him!

Indiana Bones

I love everything @frenchieandthenews posts. They have the 3 funniest Frenchies: Huey, Leon, and Gibson.

“Sorta spoiled, basically tough, totally chill, constantly snarting.”

Questions I get Asked as a Frenchie

I’m sure that every Frenchie can relate to this video.

They get asked this almost every day!

When you’re REALLY thirsty

No, Frenchie, the hose is not a toy.

Sounds Frenchies Make

Frenchies are (in)famous for making all kinds of funny noises.

Bless you!

The smile at the end makes this video even funnier.

Shameless Frenchie.

Who’s a Good Boy?

Just another day in the life of a Frenchie.

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