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French Bulldog vs. Pug

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Pugs and Frenchies are very popular breeds that make the perfect family pet as well as a companion dog for older owners.

Both breeds are suitable for first-time owners and are relatively low-maintenance dogs.

BreedPugFrench Bulldog
Height10-13 inches11-14 inches
Weight14-18 pounds20-28 pounds
TemperamentPlayful and FunAdaptable and Loyal
Energy Levels
Low to Medium
Low to Medium
12-15 years
10-14 years
Double coated; short, smooth in a range of colors including fawn and black, apricot, gray, and combinations.
A short fine coat that is smooth that varies in color including white, fawn, apricot, gray, brindle, and combinations.
Ear ShapeFloppy velvety ears that are folded with the front edge touching the head called ‘button’ ears or smaller ears called ‘rose’ ears.Known as ‘bat ears’, they are wider at the bottom than the top. The ears stand upright and look super cute.
ColorsBlack, fawn, white, brindle, and combinations.White, fawn, black, apricot, brindle, and combinations.
General AppearanceShort muzzle with deep wrinkles on a round face and a tail that curves upwards. Famous for their big dark eyes and their short plump body.Barrel-shaped body with a square, short-muzzle face, bat-like ears, and a stubby tail. A Muscular build with short, stocky legs.

Frenchie vs. Pug – Lifespan

Pugs and Frenchies have fairly long life spans that can easily exceed 12 to 14 years!

This might come as a surprise because of their breathing issues however larger dogs generally have shorter lifespans as a general rule.

Frenchie vs. Pug – History

History of Frenchies

Despite their name, Frenchies are originally from England and were bred to be a small, toy-sized version of the standard Bulldog.

They were first bred in the 1800s in Nottingham and were a popular pet among the lace workers of the city.

However, towards the end of the 19th Century, the breed moved to France where they quickly became a favorite with society’s elite.

History of the French Bulldog

History of Pugs

Pugs are an extremely old breed of dog; in fact, they are one of the oldest dog breeds on earth!

Pugs are thought to have originated in China around 400 BC.

They were most likely bred as a lapdog for wealthy members of ancient Chinese society and have remained popular in both Asia as well as the Western world.

History of the Pug

Frenchie vs. Pug – Personality Traits

Pugs and Frenchies were bred to be loyal, loving and playful lap dogs.

They are not jealous and are friendly towards other people and dogs that they come into contact with.

Frenchie Personality Traits

  • Smart & adaptable
  • Playful and mischievous
  • Easy to train— but known for being super stubborn
  • Love to be the center of attention
  • Cuddly & affectionate

Pug Personality Traits

  • Fun & laid-back
  • Love to make their owners happy
  • Playful (can be a bit mischievous)
  • Stubborn at times
  • Loyal & loving
  • Great family pets (good with children and other pets)

Frenchie vs. Pug – Appearance

I doubt a day goes by where a Frenchie isn’t mistaken for a Pug (or vice-versa)…

Both Pugs and Frenchies are small dogs with sturdy bodies and a low center of gravity.

Did I mention that they’re both the cutest dogs?

Frenchie Appearance

Frenchies have a characteristic barrel-shaped body with a thick neck and a square, short-snouted face.

They have distinctive ‘bat ears’ that stick up in the air, a stubby tail, and sweet loving eyes.

A Fawn French Bulldog

Pug Appearance

Pugs are slightly smaller than Frenchies and have deep wrinkles on their faces and bodies.

They have huge dark eyes and floppy ears with the front edge closest to the head.

Pugs have small, plump bodies with a curly tail and short squat legs.

A Fawn Pug

Frenchie vs. Pug – Colors

Both Frenchies and Pugs come in a variety of colors— but only some are recognized by the AKC.

Frenchie AKC Colors

There are 8 French Bulldog colors officially recognized by the AKC. Any other colors would be disqualified from AKC registration.

  • Cream
  • Fawn
  • White
  • Fawn & White
  • Brindle
  • White & Brindle
  • Fawn Brindle
  • Fawn Brindle & White
A Brindle French Bulldog playing with a basketball
A Brindle French Bulldog
A Cute French Bulldog on a fluffy white rug
A Cream French Bulldog

Pug AKC Colors

Surprisingly, there are only two official AKC Pug colors: fawn and black

A Black Pug
A Fawn Pug

Frenchie vs. Pug – Health Problems

French Bulldog Health Problems

Pug Health Problems

  • Eye problems: Eye ulcers & infections
  • Breathing issues: Similar to Frenchies
  • Joint issues: hip dysplasia, spinal issues, neck issues
  • Allergies: can cause skin issues

Trying to decide between a French Bulldog and Pug?

As two of the world’s most popular breeds, Frenchies and Pugs are cute and loveable bundles of playful fun.

They both make wonderful family pets and are low-maintenance dogs that are keen to please their owners.

So if you’re thinking about bringing a new dog into your life then you certainly couldn’t go wrong with either breed!