Fighting Like Cats and Dogs? You’ve probably heard the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” and wondered, are French Bulldogs good with cats?! It’s a common misconception that cats and dogs are natural enemies. While every animal is different, there should be no reason why your French Bulldog can’t be best friends with a cat! […]

I want to buy a French Bulldog! If you’re interested in buying a French Bulldog, you should read up on their potential genetic health problems and behavior problems. While I love French Bulldogs more than anybody, there’s no denying they’re not necessarily the cheapest or easiest dog breed. Their health issues can easily cost you […]

United Airlines Tragedy In March of 2018, a black French Bulldog named Kokito was flying with United Airlines from Houston to New York. During the flight, a flight attendant asked Kokito’s owner to place his carrier in the overhead compartment. Like the rest of us dog owners, Kokito’s owner was adamant about not putting her puppy in such a dangerous […]